Presentation Hub Schedule

Please find below the ITB China Presentation Hub Program. The ITB China Conference will be held at the Conference Center, for all other events please take a look at the Special Events section.

To get an overview of all events that take place during ITB China 2017 please visit the Program Overview.

Day 1
10 May 2017
Day 2
11 May 2017
Day 3
12 May 2017

Search Better with iGola Flight + X

The flight search story of iGola, importantce of brand identity & user experience in today’s shaking economy. Furthermore demonstrate the centralized position of a metasearch & new business models deriving...
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Mr. George Zhang

New Product Publication: A Content-based Thinking of B2B Platform – Trends Starting Here

Mengtu B2B wholesale platform provides wholesale services of hotels and flights. Mengtu’s strategy focuses on the visualization of travel resources and contents, specializing at offering contents related to VR and...
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Ms. Vivian Qin

Technology Showcase: The Successful Implementation of SaaS System in China’s Travel Agent Market

What are the opportunities and challenges of the tailor-made travel companies in the age of personalized travel? How will Lushu cloud-based TOS help tailor-made travel companies enhance product innovations and...
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Ms. Christine Cheng

New Product Publication:Silk Road Experience Take Part Take advantage

Silk Road Experience Group announce a complete communication system aimed to touristic destinations from the Silk Road to be known in the international touristic circuit. For example coming together with...
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Mr. Martin Oliu
Mr. Kurt Grötsch

Tourico Holidays – Wide or Deep? Look at your hotel inventory in a smart way.

Rates and inventory, rates and inventory! These are the two main drivers for travel companies to search and connect to third party suppliers. Each supplier you add has a cost...
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Ms. Lauren Volcheff Atlass

New Product Launch:The Emerging Customized Tour – an Opportunity that You Cannot Miss

Does the peak of customized tour really come? What changes have customized tour brought to the travel industry? Can selling services rather than products really make money? Can customized tour be scalable? How to start customized tour business?
Ms. Jing Ren

Presentation: Sharjah – My Destination

Destination Showcase
Ms. Amber Gao

Presentation: Discover Central Europe!

The 4 Central European countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) jointly promote their region on distant markets as a destination to be discovered. Central Europe is attracting increasing interest...
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Ms. Noemi Benešová-Guerrero
Mr. Ivan Kovacsics
12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Break

Explore New Opportunities Experience Holland

Ms. Hedda Sasburg & Ms. Shasha

Presentation: Jordan Destination Introduction

Introduction of Jordan’s tourism resources and attractions.
Ms. Mary Ma

Presentation: Elephant-Friendly Travel Upgrade

Tens of thousands of captive wild animals in the world are suffering abuse both mentally and physically only for performing recreational activities, such as riding elephants, taking photos with tigers...
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Ms. Yu Zheng

Presentation: Unique Finland as Travel Destination around the Year

Finland is a country of four seasons and many reasons to visit around the year. The highlights in the winter are the northern lights, exciting snow activities and meeting Santa...
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Ms. Heli Mende

Presentation: Portugal as a Tourism Destination

Present Portugal tourism resources, historical sites, gastronomy etc., using PPT and videos.
Ms. Inês Almeida Garrett

Blogger Workshop

Presentation Hub ITB China provides the platform to connect the destination management organizations like tourism bureaus, associations and hotels with Chinese bloggers and travel key opinion leaders. We will support...
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Maggie Wu
Mr. Matt Gibson

Award Ceremony: China Tourism Welcome Award

Presentation of CTW Chinese Tourist Welcome Award with Best Practice Examples of how to work successful for the Chinese outbound market. At the beginning short presentation about the current situation...
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt