Become an Exhibitor

Choose between Raw Space options to individualize your presentation, Complete Stand Packages for a carefree participation or combine your interests with a Pavilion Package. Every 9 sqm of Raw Space options and Complete Stand Packages include the following entitlements:

  • 2 Exhibitor Badges (allow access to ITB China workshops, sessions)
  • 1 entity listing in ITB China Show Catalogue (print and online version)
  • 1 set of prescheduled-appointments with Chinese buyers

Online Registration

Registration deadline: 30 June 2021

Booth Information

Raw Space

Set up your individual booth construction in a Raw space option. Choose stand type for one, two, three or four side accessibility by the visitors. Raw space options are only available from 18 sqm and above. For raw space larger than 400 sqm, the row stand price is applicable.

Stand Type Price (per 9 sqm)
Row $ 4’050.00
Corner $ 4’450.00
Peninsula $ 5’100.00
Island $ 5’900.00

Raw Space Calculator

desired stand type

calculated stand price

= $ 8'100.00

Complete Stand Package

Carefree participation without additional planning. Booth construction, furniture, carpet, lighting and electricity are already included in our Complete Stand Packages. Premium packages include graphic options as well as exclusive design and furniture.

Shell Scheme Booth, complete stand package 9 sqm 18 sqm 27 sqm 36 sqm 54 sqm
Row Basic Shell Scheme $ 4’250.00 $ 8’500.00
Row Premium Shell Scheme $ 5’350.00 $ 10’700.00
Corner Basic Shell Scheme $ 4’650.00 $ 9’300.00 $ 13’850.00 $ 18’600.00
Corner Premium Shell Scheme $ 5’900.00 $ 11’800.00 $ 17’700.00 $ 23’600.00
Peninsula Basic Shell Scheme $ 10’750.00 $ 16’125.00 $ 21’500.00 $ 32’250.00
Peninsula Premium Shell Scheme $ 13’550.00 $ 20’325.00 $ 27’100.00 $ 40’650.00
Island Premium Shell Scheme $ 31’100.00 $ 46’650.00

    • 1 Lockable information counter
    • 0 mht Curve Information Desk
    • 1 Barstool
    • 1 Round Discussion table
    • 2 Black Leather Arm Chairs
    • 0 Lockable Cabinet
    • 1 Waste Paper Basket
    • 1 Free Standing Coat Hanger
    • 1 Power Point 3-pin multiplug(13 amp/220 V)
    • 3 longarm Spotlights (100 W)
    • 0 Brochure rack
    • 0 Slope Shelf
    • 0 digital print on front counter
    • 0 Display Plinth 500l *500w * 800mmh
  • Digital print RMB 140/sqm
  • Digital print on PVC RMB 205/sqm(max high 2.5mH)

Ilustration of the selected Standtype from ITB China 2017

Complete Package Calculator

desired stand model

desired stand type

calculated stand price

= $ 8’100.00

Please note:

  • It is mandatory to choose a complete stand package when only renting 9sqm.
  • Only ONE company name is allowed per listing. Additional listings are available at a charge of US$ 100 per company listing, with a maximum of TWO additional listings per 9 sqm.
  • An additional appointment set includes an company listing and is available at a charge of US$ 1,500. Per 9 sqm a maximum of ONE additional set is allowed.
  • All of the above prices are subjected to applicable value-added tax.


Do you have the same interests or come from the same region? Get together and combine your message with a Pavilion Package. Exclusive and highly visible design in connection with a per exhibitor price of US$ 3,425. The minimum requirement to start a Pavilion are 4 exhibitors

Get together with 4 co-exhibitors and get an ITB China pavilion

Get together with 4 co-exhibitors and get an ITB China pavilion

The Pavilion Package Includes:

  • Booth construction
  • 2 Exhibitor badges per exhibitor
  • 21 match-made appointments with Chinese buyers per exhibitor
  • Exhibitor logo on each info-counter
  • Pavilion graphics
  • Furniture (One Info-counter for each co-exhibitor, 1 table per 9sqm)
  • Electricity
  • Lighting
  • Carpet
  • 1 Bilingual hostess on the pavilion



Booth Hostess

To assist our exhibitors with possible language barriers, exhibitors are able to book the bilingual hostess or interpreter through our service provider.


Rules and Regulations:

There will be a public lunch area for all ITB China attendees. Exhibitors are able to offer beverages to attendees that have been delivered to their booth by catering services. You are able to book catering services from our official vendor Gusto here that will then be delivered to your booth. Please note that any form of selling as well as cooking is prohibited.

Catalogue and pricelist:

Please press this link to log in the ITB China service center and enter your exhibitor username and password to see the catering catalogue and pricelist. Please note that these are the 2019 prices and are only for your orientation. The final prices should be finalized about 3 months before the event and then will also be visible in the ITB China Service Center.

Catering order timeline:

Will be online soon.  

Additional Orders

Do you want your stand to stand out from those of your competition? Do you have special needs for your booth? Adding extra furniture, features or plants can provide your exhibition stand with the certain something, that helps attracting customers. Take a look at these amazing extras that can be ordered in our Service Center

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