Agency “Pan Ukraine” LTD

Agency “Pan Ukraine” LTD

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Established in 1994 in Ukraine as a tour operator for inbound, outbound, ticketing and transportation services, Pan Ukraine is now one of the biggest travel agencies in the region.

Located in Kiev and serving as a reliable service supplier, we have succeeded in setting new standards for the tourism industry of Ukraine.
Today, we continue to design and operate the most innovative and exciting itineraries in the Eastern European region.
We are in process of installing up-to-date technology for reservations on our new web

Pan Ukraine is:
- IATA agency since 2001
- One of the founders of the Association of Leaders of Tourism Business of Ukraine (ALTU) since 2007
- Member of the Ukrainian committee of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Ukraine) since 2014
- 1883 Agent network all over Ukraine

The advantages of working with us are:
- We do visa support for the tourists from China, India, Middle East and South East countries
- We have best available group rates in hotels
- We have the best group rates for the Air Ukraine International flights
- We provide guides and translation services
- We provide ransportation services of any class
- We can organize meetings with the high level ministerial servants and mayors
- We have our own representative in Kiev airport (Boryspol) available to meet our tourists right at the exit from the aircraft

Whether the purpose of your visit is leisure, pilgrimage, business, culture or any other special interest, Pan Ukraine will be delighted to welcome all tourists in Ukraine and can guarantee a safe trip!

成立于1994,在乌克兰作为一个旅游经营者,提供入境、出境、票务和运输服务,潘乌克兰(Pan Ukraine)现在是该地区最大的旅行社之一。在基辅,作为一个可靠的服务供应商,我们已经成功地为乌克兰的旅游业制定了新的标准。今天,我们继续在东欧地区构思和经营最创新的和最令人兴奋的旅程。我们在我们的新网站panukraine.eu安装最新的预订技术。潘乌克兰(Pan Ukraine)是:- 自2001年起,国际航空运输协会代理- 自2007年起,乌克兰旅游业的商业领袖协会创始人之一 - 自2014年起,乌克兰国际商会委员会成员- 在乌克兰有1883个代理网络 和我们一起工作的优势是:- 我们为来自中国、印度、中东和东南国家提供签证支持- 我们有酒店的最佳团队价- 我们有乌克兰航空国际航班的最佳团队价- 我们提供导游和翻译服务- 我们提供任何等级的交通服务- 我们可以组织高层部长和市长会议- 我们在基辅机场(Boryspol) 有代表,能在机场出口接送我们的游客无论您的目的是休闲,朝圣,商业,文化或任何其他特殊利益,潘乌克兰(Pan Ukraine)将很高兴地欢迎所有游客来乌克兰,可以保证您的旅行安全!


73, Honchara
01054 Kiev

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