Amerilink International Corp

Amerilink International Corp

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Amerilink was established in 2003.We have LA office/Beijing office/Shanghai office and New Jersey head office. Focus on “hotel whole sale” “hotel investment and management”. With very competitive price, comprehensive service, advanced technology and strong market share.Amerilink has become one of the strongest Global hotel wholesaler .

Amerilink launched online booking system at 2016-AIC booking system. We work directly with over 3,000 hotels in the US and Canada and get specially negotiated rates for any type of groups and series groups. Our aim is always to provide the most competitive rates whether our clients need accommodations for budgeted tour groups or a VIP delegation. We are proud to be preferred wholesaler of Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Hilton, Best Western, Wyndham, Choice, Caesars and many other hotel chains and independent hotels. We are now offer dynamic FIT reservation service through our website and API for over 700,000 hotels all over the world.

Amerilink International Corp.成立于2003年,总部位于美国新泽西州,在美国洛杉矶,中国北京和上海设有分支机构,专业致力于酒店预订批发、酒店投资和管理。Amerilink以其极具竞争力的价格,全方位的服务,最前沿的技术和强大的市场占有率,已成为全球酒店预订和酒店管理最具影响力的品牌之一。


Amerilink拥有十几年丰富的酒店预订经验,在长期的业务磨练和不懈努力下,建立了一个专业化、标准化的销售和操作团队,24小时为客户提供专业的酒店咨询及人性化的预订服务,真正为客户提供便利和创造价值。自2007年被美国万豪集团授予全球万豪酒店批发商及大中华地区唯一代理分销商后,Amerilink接连与凯悦、洲际、最佳西方、温德姆、千禧、凯撒娱乐等酒店集团和其下属全球数万余家连锁酒店开展了密切的合作。现可为客户提供电脑版、手机版登陆预订、White Label 合作及API数据对接。Amerilink正朝着成为全球最大酒店批发商的方向不断迈进。


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United States

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