Aqaba Tourism

Aqaba Tourism

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Aqaba is a living Arab city on the Red Sea that has something for everyone. This waterfront city is blessed with great weather throughout the year. Just about every activity a vacationer could hope to find is available.From sailing and diving, to camel safaris in Wadi Rum, or sightseeing of Petra one of the world's 7 wonders. Water sports lovers will find in Aqaba spectacular coral reefs, countless species of brightly coloured fish. For those who would like to admire sea life without diving, you can take a glass bottom boat. To observe Aqaba’s diverse shore one may take a cruise tour. Sightseeing lovers will encounter incredible monuments in Aqaba and nearby Wadi Rum and Petra, UNESCO World heritage sites. You can also eat Sayyadieh; the traditional Aqbawi dish, or drink mint tea with the Bedouins of Wadi Rum, or learn how to prepare an Arabic meal in Petra Kitchen.



Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
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