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Arctic China Ltd

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Arctic China Ltd was established as the first destination management company in Rovaniemi in 2004, now it has become a well-known brand for providing high quality service for incoming Chinese toursits in Scandinavia and especially in Finland. Our company has received more than 5,000 tourists from China and about 120 groups in season 2016-2017. We are also official representative of Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing in China market, China specialist of Rovaniemi city, and China market specialist of Oulu Attraction Region 2016-2018 project. In March 2016, we successfully arranged the shooting crew of 《We are in love 》from Jiang Su Tv which elevates the publicity of Rovaniemi city in Chinese market. Arctic China is also the only authorized Chinese DMC for Alitrip’s mass groups in season 2016-2017.

We have own tourist coach fleet, guides, Chinese restaurant, souvenir shops, and Arctic Circle Information located at Santa Claus Village. Since March 2016, Arctic China has opened two sales offices in Shanghai and Wuhan in China. The company is also looking for real estate project related to tourism development. With almost 20 employees focusing on Chinese market, our goal is to be your reliable partner in Scandinavia especially in Arctic area!

公司创立于2004年,是芬兰和北欧专注于北极深度旅行的知名综合型旅行机构。作为芬兰罗瓦涅米旅游局和罗瓦涅米市政府中国区的代表,一直致力于提供高品质的旅游服务和特色旅游产品的研发。在2016-2017年度接待超过5000人累计超过120个旅游团队,并且成功安排、协调和接待江苏卫视《我們相愛吧》剧组2016年3月在罗瓦涅米的拍摄工作,对当地的旅游推广起到了关键性作用。北极中国也是阿里旅行2016-2017年”极光专线”的指定地接社; 芬兰北部最大城市奥卢旅游局中国区唯一代表,覆盖区域为芬兰、瑞典、挪威和丹麦,计划2017年夏季开始考察和整合冰岛地接资源,目前优势最大的在芬兰、瑞典及挪威的北极区域的高端旅游定制产品、北部市政府资源包括学校及游学产品(夏令营和冬令营)、文艺交流演出等。目前国内有上海和武汉2个办事处。公司旗下拥有自己的巴士公司 ( 16-50座大巴)及豪华车队(保时捷、奔驰等车型)、中餐厅、圣诞老人村游客集散中心、纪念品商店,未来还将投资旅游地产项目。我们的目标是为客户提供最专业和全方位的服务,现已是国内多家高端订制旅行机构北极线路的固定供应商,固定员工近20名,北极中国将是您在北欧最忠实可靠的合作伙伴!


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