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arcus real estate

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Arcus Real Estate is a company in the Percassi “universe” founded in 2006 and specialising in the commercialisation and management of real estate projects for luxury, outlet and full-price retail in Italy.
Each Arcus Real Estate project, from state-of-the-art Outlet Village to luxury shopping centre, is conceived with the aim of supplementing and showcasing its context, to become a draw for tourism, an opportunity for economic growth – thanks to direct employment and allied business – and a chance to raise the aesthetic level of the area, thanks to architectural designs whose value is destined to last and increase over time.
This is the case with the latest project from Arcus Real Estate, the Torino Outlet Village, which will open its doors to the public on 24 March 2017, with a 20,000 m² structure through which a 290-metre-long “promenade” crosses, designed by Claudio Silvestrin, one of Italy’s most internationally well-known architects thanks to his minimalist, level-headed style.
The opening in Turin follows that of other well-known and established projects: Sicilia Outlet Village (2010) which today has, after the phase-two extension in 2014, more than 140 boutiques for the most prestigious brands, and Orio Center, with the addition of phase three that opened in May 2017, has become Italy’s biggest shopping centre.

Arcus Real Estate是Percassi集团旗下的一家房地产管理公司,创立于2006年,为意大利的豪华、品牌折扣以及正价零售机构,提供房地产项目的商业开发和管理。
Arcus 管理的多元化项目中,无论是最先进的奥特莱斯村还是豪华购物中心,每个项目都致力于呼应和凸显其环境和背景,吸引游客,通过提供就业机会和激活相关行业,为经济增长做贡献。与此同时,公司管理的项目具有极高的建筑价值,不仅能够经得住时间的考验,更会随时间的流失而散发日益耀眼的光辉,促进项目所在地的美学水准。
作为Arcus的最新项目,都灵奥特莱斯村正是这方面典范。这座2017年3月24日开始对外营业的购物中心拥有20,000平米的建筑面积,其中包括一条长290米的步行街,贯穿整个品牌折扣村。该项目出自意大利最具国际知名度的建筑师之一 Claudio Silvestrin 之手,体现出他具有代表性的极简之美和兼收并济的特色。
都灵奥特莱斯村开幕之前,该公司其他的知名项目包括西西里奥特莱斯村以及奥利奥中心。2010年落成的西西里奥特莱斯村在2014年二期扩建工程完工之后,现已容纳 140多家著名品牌的精品店。公司旗下的而奥利奥中心则在 2017 年 5 月迎来了第三期开幕,现已成为意大利最大规模的购物中心。


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