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“条条大路通ROMA” based in Rome presents opportunity for those who want to experience a new way of being tourists. A New model of travel enriched with experiences out of the big cities touched by traditional trave.We will lead you into a genuine cultural experience driving you straight into local traditions,while visiting amazing and unknown Sites famous for their History Art, Natual spots . A slow tourist approach to guide you into European culture, tastes and views.“条条大路通ROMA” in cooperation with Italian and European Official Partners and local providers, offers designed tours for an unique experience out of the common tourist routes.A program created by Asiapromotion in cooperation with :  Lazio Region Lazio Region tourist Tourism Department Lazio Region Parks and Natural Reserve Department Umbria Green Card Magliano Sabina Municipality Civita Castellana Municipality Italia Slow Tour Gavi municipality , Pindemont Expresso wifi and many small tourist agencies specialized in their territories and local activities. “条条大路通ROMA” provides you and your clients with the related design services:Experience Tour: Winery/ Food / Culture / Art / Horse Riding;Summer/Winter Study Tour: Football / Art;Official and Business Training / Exchange: Fashion / Management / communication;Guides and services in Chinese language Don’t hesitate to contact us to have more informationLooking forward to cooperate with you Web: www.tiaotiaodalutongluoma.cnAdd: Via Bartolomeo Capasso, 25– 00179 Rome – ITALY Email: info@tiaotiaodalutongluoma.cnPhone 00390670451905MOB: SILVIA(ITA/CHN/ENG)00393200120121 HERTA(ITA/CHN/ENG)00393470127518

“条条大路通ROMA”总部设于罗马,为旅行社提供体验式旅行的机会。一种全新的的旅行方式:将传统的体验丰富在大城市游览中,我们将引领您进入一个纯正的文化体验。通过访问参观著名的及尚未知名且拥有丰厚的历史,丰富的文化以及迷人的自然风光。一次慢旅行,让您领会欧洲的文化,美食及风情。“条条大路通ROMA”与意大利及欧洲官方政府合作伙伴及当地服务商为您定制独一无二的旅行体验:“亚洲促进公司”已与如下单位合作项目: 拉齐奥大区政府(Lazio Region) 拉齐奥大区旅游局(Lazio Region Tourism Department) 拉齐奥大区公园及自然保护区(Lazio Region Parks and Natural Reserve Department) 翁布里亚绿卡(Umbria Green Card) 马利亚诺萨比纳市政府(Magliano Sabina Municipality) 奇维塔卡斯泰拉纳市政府(Civita Castellana Municipality) 意大利慢旅行(Italia Slow Tour) 加维市政府(Gavi municipality , Pindemont) Expresso Wi-Fi“条条大路通ROMA”可为您及您的客人提供如下定制及策划: 体验:红酒/美食/文化/艺术/马术; 夏/冬令营:足球/艺术; 政企培训/交流:时尚/管理/交流;所有导游及服务,我们将提供中文语言服务。如果您想获得更多信息,请告知我们。期待与您的合作。网站:www.tiaotiaodalutongluoma.cn地址:Via Bartolomeo Capasso, 25– 00179 Rome – ITALY 邮箱:info@tiaotiaodalutongluoma.cn固话:+39.06.70451905手机:SILVIA龙西娅(意/中/英)+39.320.0120121 HERTA 马海涛(意/中/英)+39.347.0127518


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