Audio Guide App – Go with Tommy

Audio Guide App – Go with Tommy

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美景听听App隶属于美景听听(北京)科技有限公司。美景听听是全球第一个海外旅 行中文语言导游App,基于人工智能技术引擎,利用大数据和语义理解技术收集数十种语 言的全球景点信息,贯通上下五千年,为用户提供最棒最有趣的中文语言讲解,¨让您的旅 行更有内涵¨!自上线以来一直雄踞在App Store 语言导游类Top 3。我们是一个技术驱动和用户体验驱动的多元化团队,团队成员大多数是非宅男技术控, 个个怀揣环游世界的梦,妒忌嘛?!公司有很强的技术基因和情怀基因,一直向乔帮主学习 ,要做出有技术又有人文的极致产品!

Go With Tommy App belongs to Go With Tommy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. It is the world’s first overseas travel guide App in Chinese language that is based on artificial intelligence technology engine. Relying on the big data and the semantic interpretation technologies, it collects global attractions information in dozens of languages that spans through five thousand years to provide users with the best and most interesting explanations in Chinese language. “Make your travel more intellectual!” Since it was launched online, Go With Tommy App has occupied the top 3 of language guide class in the App Store. We are a technology-driven and user experience-driven diversified team, and most of the team members are technical geeks who refuse to always stay indoors. Instead, all of them have the dream to travel around the world. Jealous? The company is marked by strong technical and romance genes and, with Steve Jobs as its model, is committed to create supreme products characterized both by strong technology and thick humanities!


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