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Over the past 27 years, Australian-owned adventure company, Aurora Expeditions, has become the leader in small-group, expedition-style travel to the polar regions and other wild and remote destinations. Their aim is to connect like-minded travellers with nature and wildlife, offer unique experiences and activities in some of the world's most inspiring regions. This includes splendour areas such as Antarctica, the European Arctic, Costa Rica, Scotland, Patagonia, Iceland, Greenland and many more. Aurora Expeditions was voted #1 for the best itineraries in 2018 by Cruise Critic.

Set to sail in October 2019, Aurora Expeditions new state-of-the-art purpose-built expedition vessel, the Greg Mortimer, is the first passenger vessel to feature the patented Ulstein X-Bow®, allowing for faster and smoother sailings - a ship designed by expeditioners, for expeditioners.

Aurora Expeditions believe that small groups are best. Unlike larger vessels, their smaller ice-strengthened ships allow the flexibility to land when the best opportunities present themselves. In turn, passengers can experience nature at its very best; maximizing time spent exploring and ashore.

Their highly acclaimed expedition specialists are some of the best in the business. Many are recognised world leaders in their fields. Specialists include expert naturalists, geologists, historians, guides and crew who help unlock the wonders of these special places.

Aurora Expeditions offers passengers intimate experiences in remote destinations through a range of flexible, innovative itineraries. Always on the look at for new places to explore. They are an environmental sensitive and enriched expeditions company who has helped develop international environmental guidelines for the polar regions, and consciously limit the number of people in each destination.

在过去的27年里,澳大利亚极地探险公司Aurora Expeditions(奥罗拉探险)已成为了极地旅游业内的领导者。专注于带领小团体探险极地,游览世界上多个野生及偏远的地区。他们的目标是将志同道合的旅客与大自然和野生动物联系起来,在世界上一些最具启发性的地区提供独特的体验和活动。包括南极洲,北极,哥斯达黎加,苏格兰,巴塔哥尼亚,冰岛,格陵兰等众多景点。奥罗拉探险在2018年度被Cruise Critic評為最佳行程的第一名。

奥罗拉探险的全新抗冰船 Greg Mortimer (阁默号) 将于2019年10月正式启航。阁默号 将成为第一艘专门为探险而设计的船舶。采用了获得专利的乌斯坦(Ulstein) X-Bow®先进技术,能实现更平稳,更快速的航行。 它最大的特点是抗风浪的设计能大大降低噪音与振动,使极地旅程更令人充满期待!该船更是一艘在资深探险队员指导下设计而成的,不折不扣的专业探险船舶。它将会实现更快,更顺畅舒适的新一代探险航行。





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