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Austria Trend Hotels

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With 27 Austria Trend Hotels, Verkehrsbüro Group is the largest Austrian hotel group. Our hotels are the ideal starting point for city and business trips with 16 hotels in Vienna alone. The four star hotels are the core. Seven hotels operate in the Austrian state capitals of Salzburg, Graz, Linz and Innsbruck. In the neighbouring countries, we are represented with the Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana and Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava. The portfolio also includes two resort hotels in Kitzbühel and Fieberbrunn and the Sporthotel Fontana in Fieberbrunn. We are events professionals, with the biggest and most diverse of modern conference and event centres in Austria, and an outstanding events service.
In 2013 the Austria Trend Hotels launched the biggest quality offensive since their creation. The goal is to give the hotels a clear profile. In the course of the repositioning, there are three categories: “Smart”, “Comfort” and “Premium”. Smart hotels concentrate on overnights with breakfast, with the focus on Austrian and healthy food. Comfort hotels offer a comprehensive seminar and catering service, and the Premium class is distinguished by its luxurious environment.
Schönbrunn Palace Suite
Austria Trend Hotels now offer you a unique opportunity not only to visit Schönbrunn Palace, but also to reside there surrounded by an opulent splendour once known only to members of the imperial family. The Schönbrunn Palace Suite gives guests a completely new insight into the history, luxury and imperial flair of this fabulous abode. With great attention to detail, an apartment has been furnished entirely in the style of the former summer residence of the Hapsburgs. The magnificent view over the palace gardens to the Gloriette on the hilltop is a Sisi dream come true. The hotel suite in Schönbrunn Palace represents another valuable addition to the list of unusual places to stay in Europe:

Verkehrsbüro 集团 (Verkehrsbüro Group) 拥有 27 家奥地利趋势酒店 (AUSTRIA TREND HOTELS),是最大的奥地利酒店集团。我们的酒店在维也纳有 16 家分店,是城市和商务旅行的理想出发点。四星级酒店是核心,七家酒店在奥地利州首府萨尔茨堡、格拉茨、林茨和因斯布鲁克经营。在邻国,奥地利趋势酒店卢布尔雅那 (Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana) 和奥地利趋势酒店布拉迪斯拉发 (Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava) 是我们的代表。该组合还包括在基茨比厄尔 (Kitzbühel) 和菲伯尔布伦 (Fieberbrunn) 的两个度假酒店以及在菲伯尔布伦 (Fieberbrunn) 的丰塔纳 (Fontana) 运动酒店。我们是各项活动的专业承办者,拥有奥地利最大、最多样化的现代会议和活动中心,提供杰出的活动服务。
2013 年,奥地利趋势酒店 (Austria Trend Hotels) 发起了自创立以来最大的质量攻势。目标是树立清晰的酒店形象。在重新定位的过程中,有三个类别:“快捷”、“舒适”和“高级”。快捷型酒店侧重于提供早餐的住宿,致力于供应奥地利的健康食物。舒适型酒店提供全面的研讨会和餐饮服务,高级酒店的特点是其豪华的环境。
奥地利趋势酒店 (AUSTRIA TREND HOTELS) 现在为您提供独特的机会,不仅可以参观美泉宫,而且还可以在那里居住,置身于只有曾经的皇室成员才能享受的华丽辉煌。美泉宫套房让客人对这个神话般的住所的历史、奢华和皇家风情有了全新的见解。套房非常注重细节,完全按照以前的哈布斯堡皇室夏宫的风格进行配置。从宫殿花园到山顶凯旋门的壮丽景色是茜茜公主的梦想成真。在美泉宫的酒店套房是对欧洲不寻常的住宿地列表的另一种增值


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