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In the Bahamas, there are many islands and a range of activities to satisfy every holidaymaker. Each island is unique and has a variety of sparkling points, including the world's best diving, fishing, sailing and boating activities, as well as a variety of shopping and dining experiences. There are many direct flights from the major cities of the United States and Canada to the Bahamas, and the traffic is very convenient. For more information, please contact +86(10)8532 5343 or follow WeChat: TheBahamas.

在巴哈马群岛,有许多岛屿和一系列活动来满足每一位度假者。每个岛屿都是独一无二的,有各式各样的闪光点,包括世界上最好的潜水、钓鱼、帆船和划船活动,也有丰富多彩的购物和饮食体验。从美国和加拿大的主要城市到巴哈马群岛有多架次直飞航班,交通十分便利。欲了解更多信息,请联系+86(10)8532 5343或关注微信:TheBahamas。


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