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TravelAbout BCD TravelBCD Travel helps companies make the most of what they spend on travel. For travelers, this means keeping them safe and productive, and equipping them to make good choices on the road. For travel and procurement managers, it means advising them on how to grow the value of their travel program. In short, we help our clients travel smart and achieve more. We make this happen in more than 100 countries with more than 12,000 creative, committed and experienced people. And it’s how we maintain an industry-leading client-retention rate of 97%, with 2015 sales of US$23.8 billion. For moreinformation, visit www.bcdtravel.com.

关于BCD Travel帮助企业客户充分利用他们的商旅费用。对于旅客而言,这意味着我们会帮助保护他们的安全和高效,并为他们提出的在出行上最好的选择。对于商旅和采购经理,这意味着提供最好的建议,让他们如何最好的发展企业的商旅计划。对于管理人员,我们为他们确保商旅政策配合和支持公司的主要目标。总之,我们帮助我们的客户在商务旅游上做出醒目的安排,同时实现多目标。我们在100多个国家拥有超过12,000具有创意的,勤奋的,有经验的同事们,这样我们才可以保持业界领先的97%客户保持率,我们2015年的销售额为238亿美元。欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.bcdtravel.com 。


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