Beijing United Money Exchange Co., Ltd.

Beijing United Money Exchange Co., Ltd.

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United Money was founded in Beijing in August 2006 as one of the first institutions specialized in currency exchange in Mainland China.The main businesses of United Money include currency exchange, VAT refund, travelers’ cash cards and banknotes wholesale. Over the past ten years, United Money has set up around 100 chain stores in major airports, border ports, wealthy communities and central business districts across the country. United Money is the only company obtained ISO9001:2008 certification in the industry.

北京联合货币兑换股份有限公司(联合货币)成立于2006年8月,总部位于北京,是经国家外汇管理局批准,最早在中国大陆境内开展“个人本外币兑换特许业务”的专业机构之一。截至目前,联合货币在全国拥有56家门店,覆盖北京、上海、广州等13个省份和直辖市,线下门店遍布机场、市区和商圈。联合货币是行业内唯一一家获得ISO9001:2008认证的公司,并于2017年08月,在新三板挂牌上市。公司目前有四大业务,1、为客户提供43种外币与人民币之间的双向兑换;2、与环球蓝联等退税机构合作,为客户提供35个国家和地区的境外购物回国退税业务;3、 为客户提供全球范围内使用方便的电子旅支支票;4、 向银行及特许机构提供外币现钞进出境调运和批发业务。


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Product Groups

  • Travel Management Companies
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Financial Services
  • Shopping/retailers
  • Luxury Shopping Experiences