Blu Hotels

Blu Hotels

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Blu Hotels is a prominent hotel chain that manages more than 30 hotels all around Italy. Milan, Lake Garda, Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily are only some of the wonderful locations our guests can choose among. Additionally, our hotel selection offers a large variety of accommodation: from luxury resorts to business solutions and leisure facilities. The high quality of service makes our hotels a popular choice among an increasing amount of guests from all over the world.

Blu Hotels是一家着名的连锁酒店,管理在意大利各地的30多家酒店。米兰,加尔达湖,托斯卡纳,撒丁岛和西西里岛都只是我们的客人可以选择的一些美妙的地方。

此外,我们的酒店选择提供各种住宿:豪华度假村, 商务和休闲住宿。由于高品质的服务使我们的酒店越来越多世界各地的客人宁愿我们的酒店。


Via Enrico Fermi 7b
25087 Salò

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