Butterfly House (Pg)

Butterfly House (Pg)

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Entopia is a centre for nature learning where it brings the best of the world of invertebrates and plants together for everyone to experience the harmony in nature. Within Entopia lies two new worlds; The Natureland and The Cocoon. The Natureland, which is a living garden vivarium, is a shared ecological space for a variety of animals from invertebrates and reptiles living in their re-created natural habitat. It is the one of the largest butterfly garden in Malaysia with approximately 15,000 free-flying butterflies at any one time consisting of up to 60 species. The Cocoon is an indoor discovery centre featuring two floors of learning exhibition and indoor activities that allow visitors to self explore and engage in a variety of fun learning activities. Nature activities are available at scheduled hours daily. Entopia also offers teambuilding and learning workshops for all ages. Opens daily from 9:00am to 6:00pm with the last admission at 5:00pm. Visit www.entopia.com for more information.

在虫鸣大地,您可以亲身体验各种无脊椎动物和植物的共生关系。由户外的“浮生若梦遨游境 The Natureland” 和室内的“抽丝剥茧探索馆 The Cocoon” 拼凑而成,虫鸣大地绝对是您的大自然学习园地。这看似截然不同的两个世界里,众生齐声吟唱的,正是一曲“万物归一”的和谐乐谱。
“浮生若梦遨游境”是个模拟生态园,在马来西亚赫赫有名,可算是大马最大的一座蝴蝶园之一。里头住着约1万5千只自由翩飞的蝴蝶,共有60属种。“抽丝剥茧探索馆” 顾名思义就是个让您探索大自然奥妙的学习展览馆。它是个两层楼的展览馆,备有丰富的大自然科普资料,您可以随时随地自由探索与学习;更设有各种益智的趣味游戏,让您在玩乐中轻松学习。
欲知详情,请浏览官网 www.entopia.com。


No. 830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang
11050 Penang

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