Chic Outlet Shopping® by Value Retail

Chic Outlet Shopping® by Value Retail

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About Chic Outlet Shopping® by Value Retail
Chic Outlet Shopping® is a unique concept created and operated by Value Retail. The Villages are home to leading fashion and lifestyle brands offering savings of up to 60% – and sometimes more – on the recommended retail price, all year round. Within easy reach of some of Europe’s favourite gateway cities – London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Bologna, Brussels, Antwerp, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich – the Villages are defined by high fashion, superior service and hospitality, a calendar of celebrated events, and exceptional value for money. Value Retail China, an affiliate of Value Retail, saw the first Village in China – Suzhou Village, located in historic Suzhou – open in May 2014. The second Village, Shanghai Village, is located adjacent to Shanghai Disney Resort in the heart of the Chinese government’s multi-billion US dollar development, the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, and opened in May 2016.

关于 Value Retail 旗下的 Chic Outlet Shopping®
Chic Outlet Shopping® 是一个由 Value Retail 创建并运营的独特概念。 购物村汇集众多世界领先的时装和生活方式品牌,全年提供低至建议零售价四折优惠,有时优惠力度更大。购物村完美诠释了高端时尚、卓越服务和盛情款待,提供一系列的庆祝活动和超高性价比,并且可从欧洲多个深受喜爱的门户城市轻松前往,包括伦敦、都柏林、巴黎、马德里、巴塞罗那、米兰、博洛尼亚、布鲁塞尔、安特卫普、科隆、法兰克福和慕尼黑。Value Retail China 是 Value Retail 的附属公司。它见证了本集团在中国的首家购物村——奕欧来苏州于 2014 年 5 月在历史名城苏州的盛大开业。进入中国的第二家购物村——奕欧来上海,毗邻上海迪士尼度假村,处于中国政府数十亿美金的开发项目“上海国际度假旅游区”的中心地带,已于 2016 年 5 月正式开业。


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