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China Tourism Association

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Who we are
China Tourism Association (CTA) is the first nationwide organization of tourism founded in 1986 with approval of the State Council of China. As a representative of civil tourism in China, the business of CTA covers all business forms of China’s tourism industry. It’s an important international communication platform of China, as well as an important bridge and link among the government, enterprises and markets.
CTA has set up 7 chapters and 2 specialized committees. Its membership includes 1 presidential unit, 20 vice-presidential units, 240 governing units, as well as more than 4,000 membership units consisting of tourism associations from the whole country, national tourism professional associations, large-scale tourism groups, tourist attractions, tourism institutions, tourism research and press & publication institutions and industrial societies closely related to tourism industry.
What we have done
Over the past 30 years, CTA has organized more than 1,000 tourism-themed activities, involving culture, education, sport, finance, real estate, internet and other areas in the forms of forums, seminars, training courses, expositions, competitions, product promotions and so on.
What we can offer
Based on a complete membership network, CTA can offer intermediary and entity cooperation services of the tourism industry –wide of China to its partners. As a good platform of international communication and cooperation for government agencies, industry organizations and enterprises, CTA can promote market exploitation, friendship enhancement, exchange expansion and the development of tourism industry through the integration of the tourism resources.








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