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Chinese Friendly

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CHINESE FRIENDLY INTERNATIONAL Chinese Friendly helps people and organizations successfully engage with Chinese people and society.Our full service program is unique worldwide as we integrate service improvement, qualification, psychology, training, contacts and full multichannel communication in China in one concept: branding your destination, your company or yourself in China. Chinese Friendly International was founded in 2011. Chinese Friendly as member of OMT and WTCF is one of the enterprises with more expertise about the Silk Road. CF is founder of Silk Road Experience Group and Silk Road Great Award Foundation. CF headquarters are based in Seville, Spain, other representatives offices are located in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mainland China and Dominican Republic.

友好中国国际 友好中国致力于帮助个人及组织成功地融入中国社会、与中国人进行交流及合作。 我们种类齐全的服务方案在全球范围内都是独一无二的,因为我们将服务改进、资质、心理学、培训、联络及多渠道沟通整合在同一个概念中:在中国打响您的目的地、公司或您个人的品牌。 友好中国国际成立于2011年。其作为联合国世界旅游组织(UNWTIO)和世界旅游城市联合会(WTCF)的成员,在与丝绸之路相关的各方面都有着非常丰富的专业知识及经验。友好中国也是丝绸之路体验集团和丝绸之路大奖基金会的创始人。我们的总部设在西班牙塞维利亚,在哈萨克斯坦、乌兹别克斯坦、中国大陆及多米尼加共和国分别设有办事处。


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