Consorzio Vicenza è

Consorzio Vicenza è

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Vicenza is set in northern Italy, very close to Venice, along the highway connecting Milan to Venice. Only 1 hour from Venice Marco Polo airport and 2 hours from Milan Malpensa airport. "Vicenza è" is a consortium set up in 1991 to function as a D.M.O. Destination Management Organisation. It represents the Vicenza tourism system and takes care of the promotion, commercialization and welcoming tourist. It brings together 90 partners from public and private sectors. Our members are the local government (Province Administration, most important municipalities), trade associations, and those companies who are interested in promoting Vicenza area as a tourist destination such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, suppliers of tourism services, historic building owners and museums. Our main activities are:- the presence at international tourism exhibitions, workshops and appointments among suppliers and buyers- the development of marketing plans to promote the area and increase the tourism demand - the support to our members for the commercialization of their tourism products and for the training on new market trends and opportunities- the support to international tour operators interested in commercializing Vicenza area or creating new business cooperation- the organization of educational tours and familiarisation trips for tour operators and journalists- the promotion of Vicenza as a destination for MICE - the promotion of Vicenza as a filming set (Vicenza Film Commission)- the organization and promotion of artistic and cultural events- the hospitality towards foreign delegations.

“维琴察”是1991年成立的目的地管理组织。它代表了维琴察旅游系统,负责推广,商业化和招待游客。它汇集了90个来自公共和私营部门的合作伙伴。我们的成员都是地方政府(省政府,最重要的直辖市)、贸易协会以及推广维琴察地区作为旅游目的地的公司,如酒店、餐厅、旅行社,旅游服务供应商、历史建筑的业主和博物馆。我们主要的活动有:参加国际旅游展览、工作室以及供应商和买家之间的活动;发展营销计划,推广维琴察地区,增加旅游需求;支持我们的成员,为他们的旅游产品进行商业化,培训他们关于新的市场趋势和机会;支持对维琴察地区感兴趣的国际旅游运营商,为他们创造新的商业合作;为旅游经营者和记者组织游学之旅和熟悉之旅 ;推广维琴察作为会展旅游目的地;推广维琴察成为电影拍摄地(维琴察电影协会);组织和推广艺术和文化活动;欢迎外国代表团。


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