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Cozystay Holdings Inc.

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A place of adventure, a place of comfort, a place of belonging; a feeling of home, anywhere you go. Cozystay is the first Chinese vacation rental platform outside of China that targets global Chinese travellers. Cozystay has created a unique environment for travellers looking for a place to rent where they feel safe, and who are looking to experience diverse worldwide cultures. Our commitment to our customers is to create special experiences that are memorable—no matter where your travels take you. Our live bilingual (Chinese/English) customer service agents are available 24/7 by phone, email, or live chat —ready to service you. We offer exotic accommodations with a flare of local experience, that cannot be offered by any hotel. With Cozystay, everyone will benefit: from customers who can lodge for less, and hosts can be assured to capitalize on their investments. Everyone can access our services, all from the comfort of your mobile device, tablet, and PC.

驿家控股有限公司( Cozystay Holdings Inc.以下简称“驿家”)成立于2015年1月29日,是专注于服务全球华人的专业短租平台,总部位于加拿大温哥华。2016年6月,中国分部——驿家(北京)科技有限公司成立。驿家分别以温哥华和北京为中心运营短租业务,房源重点覆盖整个北美、中国大陆及台湾地区,并辐射至东南亚、日本、澳洲、新西兰等地。其中以加拿大和美国西海岸的房源最为丰富。秉承A feeling of home anywhere you go(中文:走到哪里,都是家的感觉)的理念,驿家努力与房东建立良好关系,在迅速拓展房源的同时,严格控制房源品质,从点滴细节上保障房客的最优住宿体验。借助短租平台的便利,驿家为房东和房客搭建了便捷的沟通渠道,更以此为契机,构建起海外华人社区,举办丰富且极具当地特色的线下活动。不仅带领房客参与到本地居民生活中,也能帮助华人房东更好的融入海外文化。出行找驿家,不仅可以获得更多的房型选择,在一定程度上节省了旅行费用,还能有机会深入当地丰富多彩的社区活动:与当地人一起晨跑、共同庆祝本地节日、参与一场别致婚礼、搭游艇观鲸钓螃蟹、选购当地食材烹制美食等等。房客可以尽情体验民宿的自由舒适,在全新的氛围里换种生活,在不同的城市里释放自己。房东也可以通过驿家有效利用自己的闲置用房,并从中获得报酬。更重要的是,可以结识到来自世界各地的朋友,为生活更增添一份乐趣。选择驿家,您将享有无障碍支付、个人信息安全保障、7*24小时客服支持,还可以共享各大旅游局、航空公司、旅游机构的合作资源,此外,更有银行、电视台、留学机构的鼎力支持,驿家正全心全意地为您营造家的感觉!驿家,带给您舒适的品质住宿体验,更期许您收获一份跨越大洋的美好友情!


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