Cremona City

Cremona City

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The city of Cremona is located in the heart of the rich and fertile land of the Po Food Valley, less than an hour's drive from Milan. The city is also a jewel of art and history nestled on the banks of the River Po (Italy's largest river) and it is famous for being the birthplace of the luthier Antonio Stradivari.

It is the music that makes Cremona a unique place in the world. Cremona is the cultural capital for the craft of violin making, and in 2012 this craft was designated a world heritage by UNESCO. Beyond the music, Cremona is an elegant city of art, rich in monuments, theaters, palaces and beautiful churches, an array of museums, and splendid river trails.

克雷莫纳坐落于波河的北岸,是该地区最重要的文化和经济中心之一。该市在十一世纪形成为一个自由开放的公社,两个多世纪以来,得益于该地区激烈的贸易往来,克雷莫纳长期占据意大利北部城市的主导地位。作为中世纪城镇规划的杰出代表,Piazza del Comune广场上的的纪念碑便是这一新兴力量的完美体现。

克雷莫纳因其音乐传统而闻名于世。1530年,Andrea Amati发明了小提琴这一乐器,成为十六世纪音乐的雏形。他的学校培养了如Niccolò Amati, Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù等一系列天才。 这一传统如今仍通过诸如国际小提琴制作学校、小提琴博物馆、Teatro Ponchielli和分散在城市中的许多工艺品商店机构继续传承。


Piazza del Comune 5
26100 Cremona

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