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Europe's Largest River Cruise Line
Since 1976 CroisiEurope has pioneered river cruising on the most beautiful waterways in Europe, and we are Europe’s largest and most experienced river cruise line.
Our staff and crews speak English, and many of them speak other major European languages as well. So you’ll be in the heart of European culture and charm, but you’ll always be able to find someone who understands you.
All our vessels are fully inspected on a regular basis, and are consistently renovated and upgraded to keep pace with safety standards as well as the needs of our customers. Our entire fleet is certified compliant with VERITAS global standards, a guarantee of safety and quality.
River Cruising: The Difference
Envision your ship docking in the heart of a beautiful, historic European city: its treasures of art, music, food, culture, and history await your leisurely exploration.
Our ship will be your floating hotel: small enough to moor at a town or city port, but large enough to provide you every amenity. Unpack your bags, and relax and enjoy the trip
French Cuisine, European Flair
The heart and soul of CroisiEurope is European —and international.
Our chefs have worked alongside such Michelin-starred greats as Paul Bocuse and Marc Haeberlin; CroisiEurope’s head chef, Alain Bohn, was recently nominated as a member of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. This esteemed French association, created 50 years ago, includes only 250 chefs worldwide.
Value for Money
CroisiEurope takes you away for so much less, but we still include it all.
We are able to do this because we are an independent, family-owned business, and we take care of everything in the fleet from beginning to end; from the design and building of the ship, to creating cruise itineraries, sales and marketing management, fleet maintenance, purchasing and training.
This gives CroisiEurope the ability to manage costs efficiently, and give you the best value for your money.
We also spend our money – and yours – on the things that matter most: experienced and friendly staff and crew, clean and comfortable cabins and beds, reliable and safe ships, excellent food, incredible itineraries, and a delightful experience of European culture.
You won’t find extravagance and fuss at CroisiEurope. Instead, what you’ll find is just wonderfully right. And you’ll be able to enjoy your trip that much more because of it!
European countries have long been in the forefront of eco-friendly practices, and CroisiEurope is proud to have been a pioneer in this field since well before these practices became standard. Our commitment to the environment goes far beyond legal requirements on Water, Air, Electricity, Waste & Cleaning, Noise, Marketing, Partnerships and Futur (Forthcoming green projects for our company include: Better control of water consumption on board & Reduction of waste by opting for re-useable packaging)
Amenities and Service on Board
Once on board, you will find all of the amenities and comforts which distinguish CroisiEurope’s fleet, and the outstanding and friendly service which is the trademark of our staff and crew.
You’ll experience some of the best of French and European cuisine at our tables. Your day will always begin your day with an impressive buffet breakfast. Our chefs on each ship prepare succulent 3-course meals for lunch and dinner, which are served in our onboard restaurant.
All of our ships offer a lounge for your enjoyment and relaxation.
Free wi-fi for all guests
Free wi-fi is available on all CroisiEurope ships throughout the fleet
Complimentary beverages
In addition to free Wi-Fi, CroisiEurope’s fantastic value all-inclusive pricing includes accommodation in an outside cabin with all onboard meals, complimentary beer and wine at lunch and dinner as well as open bar throughout the voyage (not including Champagne, special wines or fine brandies), onboard entertainment and port taxes.

欧洲最大的内河游轮公司自1976年开始,泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)在欧洲最美丽的水道上开辟了内河游轮航线,至今我们已经拥有欧洲数量最多,经验最丰富的内河游轮线路。精心设计的航线和贴心细致的服务,一定会让您的旅程倍感轻松写意。船上的工作人员和船员都会说流利的英语,其中许多人都擅长多国语言。让您在尽情领略欧洲文化,时刻感受欧洲特有魅力的时候,总能够沟通顺畅。我们所有航线的游轮都定期进行全面检修保养,并不断进行设备的翻新和升级,在符合安全标准的同时也兼顾游客的需求。我们整个船队都符合VERITAS全球安全和质量保证的标准,内河游轮的与众不同假设您的船停泊在欧洲一个美丽的、历史悠久的中心城市:它迷人的艺术、音乐、食物、文化和历史等等,都在等待着您的探索。我们的游轮将是您的随身移动酒店,它的小身材,可以停泊在任何的码头港口;它的大容量,却可以为您提供各种必要的设施。放下行囊,轻松享受您的旅行。欧洲最正宗的法式美食泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)的本质融合了欧洲本土化及多元性国际化。我们的厨师都是与米其林星级大厨保罗·波克塞和马克·哈伯林共事, CroisiEurope的厨师长Alain Bohn被新晋提名为法国餐厅Maîtres Cuisiniers的成员。这个创立于50年前的法国协会,只在全世界吸收了250名厨师。 物超所值泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)提供您价廉物美、超高性价比的旅游。我们之所以能够做到这一点,源于家族企业的独立管理,从游轮的设计建造到规划航程线路,产品销售和营销管理,车队维护,供给品采购和人员培训等等,都是公司亲力亲为地直接完成。这使得泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)能够有效地管控成本,并为您提供如此超值的产品。我们所有的投入最终目的在于提供给您资深的工作人员和船员,干净舒适的舱室,可靠和安全的设备,诱人的美食和令人难以置信的行程,这一切将让您愉快地感受欧洲文化。泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)不要铺张浪费,只要让您花最少的钱得到最好的回馈。因为我们希望您能够享受到更多的旅行!绿色生态环保欧洲国家长期以来一直处于环境保护的前沿,泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)很自豪地成为这一领域的先驱。早在这些做法成为标准之前。我们对环境的承诺已远远超出法定对水、空气、电力、废物和清洁、噪声、市场、合作伙伴和未来的要求(我们公司的绿色项目包括:更好地控制船上的用水量,选择低能耗的可循环利用包装)设施及服务登上泛欧游轮,呈现在您眼前的是泛欧游轮(CroisEurope)特有的豪华设施和各种舒适区域及标志性的出色友好服务。船长携全体船员及工作人员将会在航程开始之际举办鸡尾酒会欢迎您的到来。您将在我们的餐桌上体验到一些最好的法国和欧洲美食。令人印象深刻的自助早餐拉开您一天的开始。午餐和晚餐为您准备了3道经典的美味大菜,搭配精心挑选的优质葡萄酒。您更可在船上提供的休息室尽情享受,放松心情。免费无线网络连接所有泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)均提供免费无线网络 免费饮品除了免费无线网络,泛欧游轮(CroisiEurope)的超值全包价包含客舱住宿,所有船上膳食,午餐和晚餐时免费啤酒和葡萄酒,以及整个航程中开放的酒吧(不包括香槟,特殊葡萄酒或优质白兰地),船上娱乐活动和港口税费。


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