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CTS Fares

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We've Been Around
We're going on 50 years in business, but don't let our age fool you. Our company is at the cutting edge of technology and is constantly working with our suppliers to put more cash in your pocket.

We've Got You Covered
High commissions and low nets on over 100 carriers coupled with rock bottom net rates on over 200,000 hotels worldwide. If your customer is traveling internationally, we'll help you make money and look like a star.

Our CTS ticketing department is open 24/7, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Need an exchange at 4 am? Got a fare that's expiring at midnight? CTS has you covered! We help our customers all day every day.

Fastest Growing Consolidator = Fastest Growing Customers
Yes we're the fastest growing consolidator in the US and guess what? Our customers are growing with us too. Agencies that buy airline tickets from us grow their airline sales an average of 10% per year. We are helping our customers every step of the way, whether its a white label booking engine, co-op marketing or social media assistance.
Our team realizes that if they grow...we grow.



我们的CTS售票部门每年全天候开放,每年365天。需要在凌晨4点交换?有一个在午夜到期的票价? CTS让你满意!我们每天都在帮助客户。



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