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In 2017, Pegu Travels Company, with years of experience in European and American markets, in order to better serve Chinese tourists, registered subsidiary Da Guang Travels Company, which is the ancient name of Yangon. Yangon's highest point, Shwedagon Pagoda, is named after the thousand-year-old pagoda. As a local tourism company,Daguang travels is located in downtown yangon.
We have professional foreign nationals and local teams in myanmar and other countries.
As locals, we understand the difficulties and challenges facing our country and actively support ways to promote sustainable tourism that will directly benefit our people and communities while giving you the ultimate value of authentic travel. Know myanmar like the palm of one's hand, according to various travel needs, provide the best travel routes; Applying for a position in China's professional marketing team management, combined with rich international experience and understanding of the myanmar tourism market, our operation network covers every corner of this diverse and charming country; Knowledgeable and experienced guides, who speak many languages, can take you to any corner of Myanmar.
We know the difference between good and better. Whether we choose partners or design our exclusive travel products, we promise to choose only the best.
When it comes to our extraordinary travel experiences in myanmar, we are experts. Every trip we plan is unique, because every client is unique! Travel is unpredictable, and whether you need to confirm an order, change or add to your itinerary, we are here to provide 24-hour, full-service support.

2017年,已有多年欧美市场经验的Pegu Travels Company(勃固旅游公司),为了更好的 服务中国的游客,另注册子公司 – Da Guang Travels Company(大光旅游公司),是仰光 的古称。仰光最高点“瑞大光金塔”有着千年历史,也以此命名。 大光旅游公司作为一家缅甸本土旅游公司,办公地点位于仰光市中心。
我们有专业人的外籍人员和当地团队在缅甸以及其他国家。作为当地人,我们了解我们国 家面临的困难和挑战,并积极支持促进可持续旅游的方式,这将直接造福于我们的人民和 社区,同时给予您真正的旅行的终极价值。对缅甸了如指掌,根据各种旅游需求,提供最 好的旅游线路;应聘中国专业的市场团队管理,结合了丰富的国际经验和对缅甸旅游市场 的了解,我们的运营网络遍及这个多元而迷人的国家的每个角落;知识经验丰富的导游会 讲多种语言,可带领您探索缅甸的任何一个角落。
道好与更好之间的区别,无论我们是选择合作伙伴,还是设计我们的独家旅游产品,我们 都承诺只选择最好的。
当谈到在缅甸的非凡旅行经历时,我们是专家。我们计划的每一次旅行都是独一无二的, 因为每个客户都是独一无二的!旅行是不可预测的,无论你需要确认订单,改变或增加您 的行程,我们在这里提供24小时,全面提供服务与支持。


No.15, 6th floor, Fantastic Condo, Nawaday St, Dagon Township
11181 Yangon

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