Deefly Hotels & Resorts Group

Deefly Hotels & Resorts Group

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Deefly Hotels & Resorts Group is subordinate to ZTG, one of the top 60 China’s hotel groups. Deefly Hotels & Resorts is building five brands, including Deefly (luxury hotels and resorts), Deefly Sunsee (culture and art boutique hotels), Deefly Yagu(health themed hotels), Deefly Fantasy(modern Chinese aesthetic hotels), Deefly Origin House(Jiangnan aesthetics private resort hotels). Deefly group invests and manages more than 50 hotels distributed in 11 provinces 22 cities across China, including Deefly Lakeview Hotel, Deefly Zhejiang Hotel, Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel, Deefly Grand Hotel Airport Hangzhou, Deefly Thousand-island Lake Hangzhou, Hangzhou Huagang HNA Resort, Mingting Thousand-island Lake Hangzhou, Moganshan Mingting Hotel, Deeflysunsee Dayan Boutique Resort Hotel, Deeflysunsee Suhe Boutique Resort Hotel, Deeflysunsee Sunrise Boutique Resort Hotel, Deeflysunsee West Lake Boutique Resort Hotel, Deefly Yagu Resort Hangzhou, Wuxi Hengwei Mansion Deefly Fantasy Hotel and so on.
Deefly Hotels & Resorts Group is aiming to deliver the life philosophy, “Guiding to the poetic habitation, exhibiting the elegant eastern lifestyle”. Deefly is committed to create a lifestyle for people to find the enjoyment of life. Arriving at each Deefly hotel becomes an enjoyment of happiness.



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Product Groups

  • Hotels/hotel chains
  • Holiday resorts
  • Conference and congress hotels
  • Wellness/Spa hotels
  • Luxury accommodation