DEHUA Touristic GmbH

DEHUA Touristic GmbH

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Dehua Touristic GmbH was founded und headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, since 1997 and is now one of the largest Chinese travel agency with 22 years of business experience in Germany. Dehua Touristic has established representative offices in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, Germany and branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xi´an, China.

Our portfolio includes:
- We organize over 400 custom made tours for individual and business group annually.
- With dozens trip lines through out Europe and over 30 fixed program bus tours receives Dehua more than 10,000 Chinese customers each year.
- Special tours with topic ist our most important part of products, such as:
100 Jahre Bauhaus-The Journey through German Architecture
The Journey of Industry 4.0
The Journey of German Marathon
The Journey of Art/ The Journey of the Home of Modern Art
The Journey of European Health Recuperation
The Study Tour of German Science and Technology
International Summer Training Camp & Study Tour
The Exploratory Visit in Germany regarding the real estate market
- As a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Dehua provides more than 30,000 people every year with air ticket services.
- Dehua has the license to offer the customers with discounted tour operator train tickets by tour package.
- Top Level Agency of Cruises such as AIDA, Costa, MSC etc.
- Operating tour-groups to China for German-speaking markets with product name of “feelchina”


- 德华每年接待400个以上个人和商务定制旅游团;拥有遍布欧洲各地的几十条散拼线路,每年接待10000中国客人。
- 欧洲私家团,定制和主题游产品丰富,占据市场主导地位。例如:
- 德华作为IATA会员,是中德航线最大的销售商之一,每年出票量在30000人次以上。
- 拥有德国铁路组团价格申购权,可提供优惠的火车票和酒店组合产品。
- 德华旅游是AIDA,Costa和MSC等豪华游轮公司的一级代理。
- 德国旗下品牌“Feel China”组织、接待德语区客户群体前往中国境内旅行


Spitalerstrasse 4, 3.OG
20095 Hamburg

Product Groups

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  • Customized Tour
  • Business Travel Agencies