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DFDS two flagship cruise ships PEARL SEAWAYS and CROWN SEAWAYS sail between Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway. The cruise ships are among the most luxurious passenger ships in Scandinavia and are both extensively refurbished regularly. Each vessel has a cabin capacity of about 2100 passengers.
The two cruise ferries between Copenhagen and Oslo also boast a wide range of activities, including bars offering exclusive wines and an extensive choice of beer. In the wine bar, the professional sommelier guides you through the various wine choices and the nightclub features professional live entertainment.
The cruise ships provide an outstanding level of service onboard and excellent cuisine. The 7 Seas restaurant serves an outstanding buffet tailored to modern culinary tastes, with a wide selection of dishes, including an abundance of fresh fish and shellfish. Explorer’s Steakhouse is renowned for serving the highest quality meat cuts. Little Italy, the onboard pizza and pasta restaurant, gives passengers a taste of Italy, while Sjø serves a delicious à la carte menu all year round.
The Copenhagen – Oslo cruise ferries also have tax-free shops stocked with a wide range of designer products, jewellery and accessories. In addition, the shops sell handbags, perfumes, skincare and cosmetics, confectionary, wine, beer and spirits, plus brand clothing such as Gant, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. The prices are as much as 50% below the recommended retail prices in Scandinavian stores and are extremely attractive for most European and overseas passengers.
Both cruise ships sail from Copenhagen and Oslo, departing every day at 16:30 and arriving the following morning at 09:45. For more information about DFDS’s ships and crossings, please visit www.dfds.com.

游轮以卓越的服务和高标的饮食而著称。7 Seas 七海餐馆提供符合现代品味的自助餐,有各种各样的菜品,包括新鲜的鱼和贝类;Explorer’s Steakhouse探险者牛排以最高品质的肉类食品而著称;Little Italy精致意大利,披萨意面餐厅能让乘客品尝正宗的意大利风味;而我们的海之餐厅Sjø一年四季都能提供点菜式佳肴。
哥本哈根到奥斯陆的游轮上还有免税店,有着各种各样的设计产品,包括珠宝和配饰。此外,这些免税店还销售手包、香水、护肤品、化妆品、糖果、葡萄酒、啤酒和烈酒,品牌商店诸如Gant、Lacoste以及Tommy Hilfiger,在这些商店,商品的价格比北欧的建议零售价低大概50%,对于大部分欧洲和海外游客而言极有吸引力。
两艘游轮航行于哥本哈根和奥斯陆之间。每天16:30启航,第二天早上09:45 抵达目的地。更多关于DFDS游轮及航线的信息,请访问www.dfds.com.


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