Discover Central Europe

Discover Central Europe

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Central European countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – share historical roots and cultural traditions. The 4 countries’ national tourism offices cooperate to jointly promote their region in distant tourism markets. Central Europe is attracting increasing interest of travellers from other continents, who describe it as mysterious and romantic.
Beautiful nature, rare historical monuments, ideal transportation rank the Czech Republic among the most popular Central European tourist destinations. The country offers unforgettable moments for senior citizens and young people, families and businessmen. 12 buildings are protected by UNESCO mark. The capital Prague has unique cultural and historical atmosphere. Countless historical towns, castles and chateaux are found in the country. Fans of active holidays enjoy the waters and beautiful parks, skiers the numerous ski centres. 70 high-standard golf courses are at the disposal of golf lovers. The Czech spa industry treats with mineral waters, peat and mud. Fine Czech cuisine, the famous Czech beer and the exquisite Moravian wine can be tasted when visiting the country.

Company: Czech Tourist Authority
Contact: Noemi Guerrero – Benešová

Hungary is a land with 1,100 years of history and a unique fusion of eastern and western cultures. The River Danube flows through the beautiful capital, Budapest. It is a perfect destination for culture, history, entertainment and shopping. You will enjoy beautiful architecture of different historical periods through Roman ruins, medieval castles, Baroque palaces and Art-Nouveau mansions. Budapest is the home of relaxing spas and diverse nightlife. 5 Michelin-star restaurants, 10 national parks, 9 UNESCO monuments enrich the country. Visitors enjoy the Lake Balaton and Europe’s only living thermal lake, Hévíz, famous for its healing effects. Beautiful wines on sunny hill slopes, music and arts festivals through the year. It is all Hungary.
Company: Hungarian Tourism Agency Ltd.
Contact: Zsuzsa Vincze

Poland is a garden of nature and a treasure trove of cultural riches. Modern leisure facilities provide high standard recreation. Museums, modern art galleries and concert halls, equestrian clubs and night clubs satisfy the most demanding guest. Active rest and recreation in the natural environment is possible through the year. The climate is favourable for leisure activities, along the Baltic Sea Amber Coast, across Masuria, the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Forests, rivers, hills, paths and trails are enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and water sports enthusiasts. Peace lovers relax in the nature reserves. Fun and excitement are also at hand. Friendly encounters with hospitable Polish people in their homes will be among the lasting memories of your stay in Poland.
Company: Polish National Tourist Office Beijing
Contact: Jan Wawrzyniak

Slovakia boasts with most dynamically developing tourism. In 2015 foreign exchange income from tourism achieved EUR 2.1 bn. (of CNY 15.4 bn.). Over 20 thousand entrepreneurs are engaged in tourism. Currently Slovakia has 3 700 accommodation establishments with more than 164 thousand beds, over 12.3 mil. bed nights. As a tourism destination, Slovakia even satisfies clients with special needs. Luxury accommodation and casinos, numerous shopping facilities, international luxury brands, souvenirs and craft articles situated in modern cities. Visitors can admire fascinating old towns, astonishing historical monuments, UNESCO heritage, breath taking castles, romantic chateaux and ruins, visited by most famous personalities from China and rest of the world.

Company: Ministry of Transport and Construction of Slovak Republic
Contact: Igor Donoval

中欧国家-捷克共和国、匈牙利、波兰和斯洛伐克-共享历史根源和文化传统。这4个国家的国家旅游局合作,共同促进旅游市场发展。中欧越来越吸引来自其他大洲的游客的兴趣,他们把它描述为神秘而浪漫的地方。美丽的自然,罕见的历史古迹,理想的交通,使得捷克共和国成为最受欢迎的中欧旅游地。这个国家为老年人和年轻人、家人和商人留下难忘的记忆。拥有12座受联合国教科文组织保护的建筑物。首都布拉格有着独特的文化历史氛围。无数历史城镇,堡垒和城堡在乡村等待您的发现。期望活力四射假期的人们可在广阔水域和美丽的公园尽情欢畅,滑雪者可在众多的滑雪中心尽情滑翔。70个高标准高尔夫球场可任凭高尔夫爱好者挑选。捷克温泉浴场均用矿物质水、泥炭和泥浆处理。精致的捷克菜肴,著名的捷克啤酒和精美的摩拉维亚酒可以供游客品尝。公司:捷克旅游局网址:www.czechtourism.cz联系人:Noemi Guerrero – Benešová邮箱地址:benesova@czechtourism.com匈牙利是一个有着1100多年历史和独特的东西方文化融合的国家。多瑙河流经美丽的首都布达佩斯。它是一个完美的文化、历史、娱乐和购物旅游胜地。透过罗马遗迹、中世纪城堡、巴洛克宫殿和新艺术大厦,您将欣赏到不同历史时期的美丽建筑。布达佩斯拥有使人放松的温泉和多样化的夜生活。5个米其林餐厅,10个国家公园,9个联合国教科文组织纪念碑使这个国家的生活丰富多彩。游客可享受巴拉顿湖和欧洲唯一的活的温泉湖黑维兹,该温泉以其治愈能力而闻名。在阳光普照的山坡,品味美丽的葡萄酒,欣赏全年的音乐和艺术节。这就是匈牙利。公司: 匈牙利旅行有限公司 网址: www.gotohungary.com联系人: 茹饶 (Zsuzsa Vincze)邮箱地址:波兰是大自然的花园,是文化财富的宝库。现代休闲设施提供高标准休闲。博物馆,现代艺术画廊和音乐厅,马术俱乐部和夜总会,即使是最苛刻的客人,也能得到满足。在自然环境中休憩和娱乐在全年都是可能的。这里的气候有利于休闲活动,可沿波罗的海琥珀海岸,穿过千岛之湖的马祖里亚。步行者、骑行者、骑马者和水上运动爱好者可畅游于森林、河流、丘陵、小路和小径。和睦的恋人可在自然保护区放松。在这里,乐趣和兴奋可兼得。与热情好客的波兰人在家里的友好邂逅将是你在波兰逗留的永久记忆之一。公司:波兰国家旅游办公室(北京) 网址:联系人:Jan Wawrzyniak邮箱地址:斯洛伐克旅游业的发展最具活力。2015年旅游业外汇收入达到21亿欧元。(人民币154亿元)。全国有2万多名企业家从事旅游业。目前斯洛伐克有超过3 700住宿寓所,为游客提供超过16.4万张床以及超过1230万的过夜旅游人次。作为旅游胜地,斯洛伐克能满足各种有特殊需要的客户。豪华的住宿寓所和赌场,众多的购物设施,国际奢侈品牌,纪念品和工艺品均可在这个现代化城市找到。游客可以在这儿欣赏到迷人的老城,令人惊叹的历史古迹,联合国教科文组织的遗产,惊人的堡垒,浪漫的城堡和遗迹。来自中国和世界其他国家的最著名的人物都到过这里。公司: 斯洛伐克共和国交通建设部 网址: www.mindop.sk联系人: Igor Donoval邮箱地址:


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