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Dualia Teletraducciones S.L.

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1.WHEREVER, WHENEVER AND WITH WHOEVER YOU WISH The main hurdle we face as visitors to a foreign country is the impossibility to communicate when we are in trouble. Dualia offers the perfect tool to get a professional interpreter over-the-phone not just in case of trouble but also to get the most of your business trip or enjoy your holidays abroad.Just a simple call and a professional Chinese interpreter will help you to communicate with a client, get help from the Police, buy a ticket for a monument, explain your problem to a doctor, hire a car, understand instructions… and everything you need to fully enjoy your stay in Spain with professionalism, confidentiality and rapidity. All at the click of a button on your mobile phone!2: Simply the smartest language services provider. We understood from the very beginning that the focus must always be on quality and offshoring, and step by step we became the main supplier of remote language interpreting in Spain. Once our product was solid and reliable, we embraced the next step: the democratization of translation and interpreting, allowing everybody to get a professional interpreter on the phone or PC any day & any time.Robots and machines cannot feel the anxiety of a patient in a hospital or the concern of a driver facing the explanations of a police agent speaking in a foreign language. Therefore you must invest in Dualia to globalize our solution.

1. 无论在何时何地以及与何人,外国游客面临的最大的障碍是遇到麻烦时,不能沟通。Dualia提供了完美的工具,不只是在您遇到麻烦也能在您的商务旅行或享受你的假期时,在电话中为您提供一个专业的翻译。只需一个简单的电话,一个专业的中文翻译便会专业快速且保密地帮助您与客户沟通,获取警方的帮助,买一张纪念碑的票,向医生说明您的问题,租一辆汽车,理解说明书以及一切您需要充分享受您的西班牙之行的事情。只需在你手机上按一下按钮即可!2. 最智慧的语言服务提供商。我们从一开始就明白,必须始终专注于质量和外境,并逐步成为西班牙主要的远程语言翻译供应商。当我们的产品是坚实可靠的时,我们将进行下一步:翻译的民主化,即让每个人在任一天或任何时间,通过电话或电脑都得到一个专业的翻译。机器人和机器都不能感受到医院里的病人的焦虑,或是一个司机在面对一个警察的外语解释时的担忧。因此,您必须投资Dualia,使我们全球化。


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