E2trip Travelagent CO.,LTD

E2trip Travelagent CO.,LTD

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E2trip is an international travel agency focus on the integration of global hotels, air tickets and peripheral resources to our B2B distribution platform.
With the latest IT technology we can achieve the reduction of operating expenses for our partners, which on the other hand, increase of the revenue with the automation of product booking, order management, payment and other aspects.
We also provide tools or solutions to our customers, so that they gain improvement of their work efficiency, and reduction of management and operating costs.
With multivariate data integration as the core of E2trip, we are trying our best to build an open platform architecture to meet the needs of various cooperation partners.



510070 广州

Product Groups

  • Golf Holidays
  • Business Travel Agencies
  • Reservation and Booking Technologies
  • Distribution Technologies
  • Distribution Technologies