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Elmton Holding AB Sweden

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Under the jue built international overseas tourism, we provide you with the Nordic region (including Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) features of the travel experience.We provide a rich product line to meet your personalized travel experience of northern Europe, including the parent-child, travel, outdoor adventure, art of architecture, the aurora local characteristics, such as the theme of the small group and customized travel experience.By 2017, the Nordic ater has for more than 8000 Chinese tourists to provide quality travel services thoughtful northern Europe.Ater the travel have professional designer team.We have rich experience in northern Europe travel life and professional travel planning ability, our team will regularly to visit northern Europe, ensure accurate and effective route plan, find the most popular programs for every guest can experience the first time.Ater the theme of the small group of natural products cover exploration, leisure vacation, wedding photography, and polar explorers, destination penetrates each characteristic tourist destination, the Nordic also includes Greenland, el cap and rover, islands, etc.Ater designers to provide tourists travel custom service and one-to-one consulting services all the way, according to the actual circumstance of the needs of tourists and flexible arrangement, for the tourists to solve trip all trival, visa, accommodation, transportation, etc.Our mission is to find the most natural original Nordic and promote local fun unique experience, let you and your family a Nordic journey interesting fun, taste the novel food, to experience a dream of the hotel.

隶属于爵建国际海外旅游部, 我们为您提供北欧地区(包括芬兰、冰岛、挪威、瑞典、丹麦)的特色旅行体验。
我们提供丰富的产品线来满足您个性化的北欧旅行体验,包括亲子,游学, 户外探险,艺术建筑,极光旅行等当地特色的主题小团和定制旅行体验。截止2017年, 北欧艾腾已为超过8000位中国游客提供优质贴心的北欧旅行服务。


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