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We are a transport company trading since 1991. We hire luxury coaches and mini-buses.We provide our services to tour operators, travel agencies, congresses, conferences, firms, functions, skiing trips, etc. in Poland and Europe. We hold Community license No OU-000370 to offer gainful international passenger carriage services. Thanks to our long experience, professionalism and constantly improved standards we are one of the leading transport companies in Poland. Our fleet consists exclusively of new, luxury SCANIA and MERCEDES coaches (2013-2016) with 49, 51 and 69 seats with the full range of facilities. Co-operation with transport firms all over the country allows us to carry passengers from any location in Poland and provide logistical support for mass events with the number of participants running into several thousand. Our experience gained over many years of functioning in the tourist market allows us to meet to the requirements of even the most demanding customers.
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Professionalism, innovation and safety are our priorities. This is why we offer our Customers services of the highest quality – modern, luxury coaches and qualified personnel who are always at your disposal. Our fleet is based on two tried-and-tested coach makes – MERCEDES and SCANIA. We operate only new (2013- 2016) coaches with 49, 51 or 69 seats fitted with: two screens and a DVD, mini-bar, refrigerator, WC, passenger space sound system and a microphone, WI-FI at the customer’s request, comfortable seats with, safety belts, air-conditioning, ABS, ASR, maximum permitted speed of 100 km/h, GPS. Apart from high class coaches we guarantee services at the highest level – experiences, courteous, English-speaking drivers familiar with the routes in Europe (including Scandinavia).
Our priority is ensuring a high level of knowledge and skills of our personnel and constant improvement of their qualifications.
Thanks to our professionalism and experience gained over many years of providing transport services we have gained the trust of customers not only from Poland, but also from the rest of Europe as well as from Asia and America.
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1.关于爱姆卡运输公司(EMKA-TRANS)我们是一家创立于1991年的运输公司。本公司有豪华客车和小型公共巴士。我们为波兰和欧洲的旅游运营商、旅行社、国会、会议、公司、宴会、滑雪旅行等提供服务。我们的社区许可证号为OU-000370,为国际旅客提供有偿的运输服务。因为我们长期的经验、专业精神和不断提高的标准,我们成为了波兰顶尖运输公司之一。我们的车队均由全新的,豪华的斯堪尼亚和梅赛德斯的车(2013-2016年)组成,有49,51和69座,设施齐全。我们与全国各地的运输公司合作,能够从波兰的任何地点接送乘客以及为大型活动提供后勤支持,参与人数达数千人。我们在旅游市场多年运作的经验使我们能够满足即使是最苛刻的客户的要求。我们邀请您阅读我们的服务范围。2.爱姆卡运输公司服务范围敬业、创新和安全是我们的重中之重。这就是为什么我们为我们的客户提供最高质量的服务-现代,豪华客车以及随时恭候您的合格的工作人员。我们的车队有两个久经检验的客车制造商–奔驰和斯堪尼亚。我们只经营新的49,51或69座的(2013 - 2016)客车:配备两个屏幕和一个DVD,迷你吧,冰箱、厕所、乘客音响系统和麦克风,客户要求的WI-FI、舒适的座椅、安全带、空调、防滑刹车系统,驱动防滑系统,最大允许速度100公里/小时,全球定位系统等。除了高级客车外,我们确保最高水平的服务-经验,礼貌,讲英语的司机,熟悉的欧洲线路(包括斯堪的纳维亚)。我们首要确保我们员工的高水平的知识和技能,不断提高他们的资历。因为我们多年来提供运输服务所获得的专业精神和经验,我们不仅从波兰获得了客户的信任,而且也获得了来自欧洲其他国家以及亚洲和美国的信任。我们邀请您使用我们的服务。


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