Empire State Building Observatory

Empire State Building Observatory

Booth No. C028/C032/C065

Soaring 1,454 feet above Midtown Manhattan from base to antenna, the Empire State Building is the World’s Most Famous Building. Our 86th Observation Deck, open daily from 8am-2am, offer the highest 360 degree open-air vantage point in New York City and on a clear day, you can see up to six states– New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Delaware. Explore our newly-designed Observatory entrance featuring a grand staircase with a two-story architectural model of the building, multilingual signage and ticket kiosks in nine languages, a new lighting ceremony space with images of past celebrity visitors, and a red carpet for VIP express guests.

帝国大厦位于曼哈顿中城以上1,454英尺处,从基地到天线,是世界上最着名的建筑。我们的第86观景台每天上午8点至凌晨2点开放,提供纽约市最高的360度露天观景点。在晴朗的日子里,您可以看到多达六个州 - 纽约,新泽西,宾夕法尼亚州,康涅狄格州,麻省和特拉华州。探索我们新设计的天文台入口,其中包括一个带有两层建筑模型的大楼梯,九种语言的多语种标牌和售票亭,一个带有过去名人访客图像的新照明仪式空间,以及一个VIP快递红地毯客人。


350 5th Avenue, Concourse Suite 100
10118 New York
United States

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