Environment and Protected Areas Authority

Environment and Protected Areas Authority

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The Authority aims to protect the environment, and the wildlife and its biodiversity. This happens through scientific research, setting appropriate policies to raise awareness, supporting the principle of sustainable development to preserve natural environmental resources, and by a guaranteed exploitation of natural resources to the benefit of the present generation without wasting the right of future generations.

Also, the Authority seeks to be the main source and the main reference in the Emirate of Sharjah for environment and wildlife.

The ِAuthority also adopts the principle of participation and teamwork, between the Authority and the public institutions that have relevant environmental affairs on both scientific and practical levels. It also depends on sharing the members of the society in this noble goal which is the basis of the resettlement of our scientific capabilities; and to generalize the responsibility.

Many important centers which support the preservation of the environment and its safety, belong to this Authority and they aim to spread the environmental awareness in the United Arab Emirates.



Sharjah Albataeh
6962 Sharjah
United Arab Emirates

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