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EuroPass is the European leader in the implementation of Chinese digital solutions. We are both a digital communication agency and a payment solution provider able to define and set up marketing and communication strategies targeting Chinese FIT (Free Independent Travellers). We also develop a unique ecosystem within Chinese platforms (WeChat, Weibo, Alibaba…) to be the link between Chinese travellers and the World. We offer travellers an easy, convenient and secure way to travel around the World thanks to our offices in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Casablanca, London, DubaÏ, Shenzhen and Shanghai.
EuroPass provides:
• Communication and marketing solutions for Chinese travellers: we offer you our strong knowledge of Chinese digital solutions (WeChat, Weibo, QQ, Dianping, Ctrip, Fliggy etc.) to support and guide you in determining your best strategy towards the Chinese market. We create, operate and animate your accounts through regular publications along with advertising and KOL campaigns.
• A digital payment solution: we propose the leading Cloud Mobile Payment Platform that allows merchants to accept the full suite of Chinese Mobile Payment solutions, with WeChat Pay, Alipay and soon Union Pay Mobile QuickPass alongside an integrated tax-refund system.
• The “WeChat Travel Experience”: we developed a mini-program within the WeChat environment dedicated to Chinese travellers. The mini-program offers a geo-tracking practical travel guide and displays the Points of Interest of each destination.
As of today, EuroPass is a pertinent partner able to effectively target the 200 million of Chinese cross-border travellers expected in 2020. Thanks to our expertise in the Chinese market, we are the favoured partner of tourism institutions, touristic attractions, hotels, transport operators and retailers.
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欧洲通业务 :
• 面向中国游客的沟通和营销解决方案:我们为您提供强大的中国数字解决方案知识(微信,微博,QQ,点评,携程,飞猪等)以支持和指导您制定针对中国市场的最佳策略。我们提供创建账户,操作账户且通过定期更新,广告以及和KOL合作来优化客户账户的服务。
• 数字支付解决方案:我们提供领先的云移动支付平台,帮助商家接受全套中国移动支付,包括微信支付,支付宝和即将推出的Union Pay Mobile QuickPass以及退税系统。
• “微信旅行体验”:我们在微信生态系统中开发了一个专门服务于中国出境游客的微信小程序。小程序提供实用的定位旅行指南,并显示每个目的地的景点,商户,餐厅和酒店等信息。


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