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European Travel Commission

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The European Travel Commission (ETC) is the non-profit organisation responsible for the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination in long-haul markets. Our mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of Europe as a tourist destination and to increase competitiveness, through knowledge gathering and sharing amongst members and lobbying, as well as by establishing a professional marketing platform for the successful promotion of member countries in overseas markets. ETC’s members are the National Tourist Organisations of 32 European countries.Home to the world’s finest museums, breathtaking architecture and amazing landscapes; to celebrated composers, sophisticated restaurants and famous brands: Europe has it all. It is a continent full of diversity and styles, from ancient times to today – and a master of reinvention. Steeped in history, it nevertheless shapes the future, in fashion, art, architecture, gastronomy and design.However you envisage your ‘adventure of a lifetime’, deciding where and when to go is one of the biggest challenges of your trip!. Whether your aim is to go back in time or get a glimpse of the future, discover the ‘must-sees’, or get off the beaten track, Europe is ready for you. Are you ready for Europe?

欧洲旅游委员会力争为每一位游客提供他们所需的所有信息。我们对欧洲这片土地满怀激情,欧洲的魅力无穷无尽,多样的文化特色激励游客探索无止境。作为非盈利组织,欧洲旅游委员会主要负责将整个欧洲作为一个整体,向全世界进行推广。 我们32个成员国通力协作,将推广欧洲最佳的案例、最好的市场调研以及最鼓舞人心创新思想进行分享。这里耸立着雄伟恢宏的建筑、承载着世界顶尖的博物馆和分布着令人叹为观止的风景地貌;这里是最富盛名的作曲家的故乡,是闻名于世的诸多品牌的摇篮及美味绝伦的餐厅荟萃地。这就是集所有精华于一身的欧洲大陆。自古至今,这片大陆都充满了多样的文化和浓郁的风情,不仅如此,它还像一位发明大师,不断缔造着新的传奇。虽然处处散发着悠久的历史气息,但又在时尚、艺术、建筑、美食及设计方面引领着世界潮流。即便您对自己的‘人生冒险之旅’早有规划,但您也许还在为具体的目的地及出发时间的选择所困扰着。无论您的旅行目标是追寻历史的足迹,是洞悉未来世界的神奇,是探索心中的‘必游之地’,还是踏上鲜有人涉足的土地,欧洲都已为您的到来准备就绪。那么,您是否也准备好即刻启程了呢?


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