Ferienregion Hallstatt-Dachstein-Salzkammergut

Ferienregion Hallstatt-Dachstein-Salzkammergut

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Dachstein Salzkammergut World Heritage Region
Tradition and breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Europe

The heart of the Austrian Salzkammergut is renowned for its spectacular scenery. The
Dachstein Salzkammergut World Heritage Region is just a stone’s throw from Salzburg –
Mozart’s birthplace – and has more than 7000 years of salt mining history. The region
consists of the four neighbourhoods of Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt and Obertraun, and is
a natural and cultural gem. It was declared a World Heritage Region in 1997. Embedded
between the spectacular mountain formations and the crystal clear lakes is a wealth of
culture and tradition which have been developed by local people throughout the ages.

The Majestic Dachstein: a mountain with a character of its own
This mountain massif is known also by the locals as „King Dachstein“. Its peaks tower
majestically into the sky, and its glacial ice glistens all year round. At the foot of the
mountain, the idyllic Lake Gosau is perfect for flat walks. There are a multitude of trails
leading through meadows and areas of high mountain pasture, and there are numerous
rustic wooden huts where you can stop off and take a break and enjoy the panoramic views.
There are many mountain gondolas throughout the region, including the one which takes you up to the „5fingers“ viewing platform on the Krippenstein. From here visitors enjoy fantastic views down to Lake Hallstatt and the surrounding area.

Ice Caves: Music and magic in the mountains
Seldom do we see the beauty of nature from this angle. Vistors enter a mystical labyrinth of
caves just a few paces from the Krippenstein cable car summit station. The Giant Ice Caves
are magical with their spectacular rock and ice formations which visitors can explore,
together with an experienced guide, who will explain the formation of the caves. One of the
highlights of the year is the series of concerts which take place throughout August.
International musicians fill the caves with the sounds of their music, and genres range from
Barock to the more traditional singing quartet.

Hallstatt and the Salt Mines: Culture you can reach out and touch
Hallstatt is, without doubt, one of Europe’s cultural highlights, and is well worth a visit. Above
the village can be found the oldest salt mine in the world. This is still in operation today, and
a guided tour of its galleries makes for a very interesting excursion. There are numerous
historic buildings clustered around the market square in the heart of the village. The
picturesque houses nestle together between the steep mountain sides and the shore of the
lake, and create a unique panoramic picture. Other attractions include the historic
excavations, the museum and the circular theme trail. Discover more about the lives of the
Celts, Romans and salt miners who once lived here

Authentic handicrafts in the Hand.Werk.Haus
Traditional handicrafts have always been important here in the Dachstein Salzkammergut.
Many local people can be seen wearing traditional dress, including leather trousers. The
manufacture of violins, carpentry or the making of traditional national cosume are skills that
have been handed down from generation to generation. These local crafts are exhibited in
the Hand.Werk.Haus Bad in Goisern.

萨尔茨卡默古特地区的达赫斯坦世界遗产 欧洲心脏的传统与令人惊叹的景观奥地利萨尔茨卡默古特心以其壮观的景色著称。萨尔茨卡默古特地区的达赫斯坦山世界遗产与萨尔茨堡–莫扎特的出生地,只有一箭之遥,拥有超过7000年的采盐历史。该地区由巴德哥依斯恩、格绍,哈尔施塔特和上特劳恩四个临近的小镇组成,是一个自然与文化的瑰宝。它于1997被宣布为世界遗产区。镶嵌在壮观的山脉之间,晶莹剔透的湖泊是当地人多年来发展起来的文化和传统财富。雄伟的达赫斯坦:自有特色的山这山体也被当地人称为“达赫斯坦王”。其峰巍然屹立于天空,其冰川常年不化。在山脚下,田园诗般的格绍湖是漫步的完美之地。有大量的步道,通往草地和高山牧场地区,也有许多乡村木屋,在那儿您可以歇一歇脚,享受美丽的全景。整个地区有许多山贡多拉,能带您到Krippenstein观景平台的“五指台”。从这里游客可以欣赏到哈尔施塔特湖及周边地区的美景。冰穴:山中的音乐与魔法我们很少从这个角度看大自然的美。参观者几步从Krippenstein缆车山顶站进入一个神秘的迷宫洞穴。巨大的冰穴是神奇的,游客可以探索壮观的岩石和冰的形成,有经验的指导,会解释洞穴的形成。每年的亮点之一是整个八月举行的音乐会。 国际音乐家用他们音乐的声音填满洞穴,音乐类型从巴洛克到更传统的四重唱。哈尔施塔特和盐矿:文化可以伸手触摸 哈尔施塔特,毫无疑问,是欧洲文化的亮点,是很值得一看。在村里可以发现世界上最古老的盐矿。今天仍在运作,导游带领参观画廊会是一个非常有趣的旅行。村中心有许多历史建筑围绕着集市广场。如画的房子半隐在陡峭的山坡和湖岸之间,创造一个独特的图景。其他景点包括历史发掘,博物馆和圆形主题步道。发现凯尔特人、罗马人和曾经住在这里的盐矿工的更多的生活。 在Hand.Werk.Haus地道的工艺品传统工艺一直是萨尔茨卡默古特地区的达赫斯坦重要的部分。许多当地人穿着传统服装,包括皮裤子。小提琴的制造,木工或民族传统服饰的制作都是代代相传的技能。这些当地的工艺品展出在Goisern 的Hand.Werk.Haus展出。


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