Fidenza Village

Fidenza Village

Booth No. A023

Fidenza Village is one of the Collection of 11 Villages in Europe and China by Value Retail, located just 60 minutes from Milan and Bologna, offering Italy’s leading luxury outlet shopping experience by combining the finest expressions of fashion, luxury, entertainment and tourism in the heart of the Food Valley and the land of Verdi. For Fidenza Village, hospitality begins in Milan with the Shopping Express® daily coach service. Upon arrival in the Village, guests are welcomed with a warm reception at The Concierge and greeted with services that can include the VIP Card, Welcome drink and Hands-free Shopping, which enables guests to leave their purchases in the boutiques for delivery to the concierge at the end of their visit. International visitors can also make use of a DHL worldwide delivery service, as well as tax refunds on their purchases and they can shop and earn with frequent flyer programmes. Discover more at



Via Federico Fellini, 1
43036 Fidenza

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