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G Adventures is the world’s largest small group adventure tour operator. Our definition of small groups is an average group size of only twelve people with a maximum group size of between 6 and 30 people depending on the destination. Offering 700+ FIT tours in all seven continents of the world. We can also offer Private Group tours. We have seven main trip style that are as follows. Yolo: For 18 years old to 39 years old.Classic: Targeting a mid service level client. Our most popular travel style.National Geographic Journey’s with G Adventures: Our higher service level productMarine: Sailing, Riverboat and Expedition ship cruising including AntarcticaActive: Trekking and cycling tours globally including our award winning Inca Trail tripRail: Global train journey’sLocal Living: Cultural tours All tours are 100% guaranteed to depart, with live availability and instant confirmation through an agency online booking portal. For more information visit www.gadventures.com

G Adventures是一家总部位于多伦多的加拿大旅游公司,诞生于1990年。通过26年的努力目前已经成为全球最大的小型团队探险旅游公司。目前在全球拥有23个办公室, 1500+员工,其线路遍布全球7个大洲(包括南北极)125+国家,650+多条线路。G Adventures颠覆了传统探险旅游的概念,将产品分成七个不同的类别,让每个人都能成为探险家。并从2016年1月起与美国国家地理展开合作,在全球70多条行程里加入National Geographic元素。2017年我们迎来了新的伙伴著名的大猩猩保护学家珍妮古道尔。这些都体现了G Adventures在旅游和生态保护上得到的肯定。这一次G Adventures第一次走进中国,为国内游客带来一种全新的旅游体验。


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