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G Adventures (formerly Gap Adventures) is the biggest small-group adventure travel company and social enterprise in the world, founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It offers more than 700 different tours in more than 100 countries, and carries 200,000 travellers from 160 countries each year. It has 28 offices around the world and employs more than 2,200 people globally. G Adventures is known for its responsible approach to travel, and has a non-profit partner, Planeterra, which was founded in 2003. Together, G Adventures and Planeterra have built more than 50 social enterprise projects into G Adventures itineraries with the aim of supporting local people and economies in the destinations they travel to.

G Adventures(前身为Gap Adventures)是全球最大的小团体探险旅行公司和社会企业,成立于加拿大安大略省多伦多市。它在100多个国家提供了700多个不同的旅游线路,每年接待来自160个国家的20万名游客。G Adventures以其负责任的旅行方式而闻名,并有一个非盈利的合作伙伴Planeterra,成立于2003年。G Adventures和Planeterra共同在G Adventures行程中建立了50多个社会企业项目,目的是支持当地人和经济体的旅游目的地。


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