G.Z.Meiya E-commerce International Business Travel Service Co.,Ltd.

G.Z.Meiya E-commerce International Business Travel Service Co.,Ltd.

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G.Z.Meiya E-commerce International Business Travel Service Co.,Ltd. is a diversified group enterprise which is integrated with airline service, business travel management, travel, conference & exhibition and international logistics, etc. With its headquarters in Guangzhou, Meiya has established affiliated companies and subsidiaries in many places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang, Dongguan,Qingdao,Chongqing ,Xi’an and HongKong. Since its entry into IATA, Meiya has been awarded the title “The Best Agent” successively for many years by many famous airline companies at home and abroad, including Emirates Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Air France, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Air China. It is now serving as general agent of SiaHolidays and Thai International Royal Orchid Holidays in South China, agent of Ria Bintan Golf Club in South China, and Gold Agent of Club Med.Meiya possesses an elite team which is highly qualified and professional, holding the motto of “offering 5-star service”. It has more than 800 on-the-job employees. Constantly adhering to the “people-oriented” strategy for talent development, Meiya has attracted numerous graduates of key colleges and universities in China as well as a great deal of elite in this industry. Civil Aviation University of China, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Guangzhou Civil Aviation College are important talent sources of Meiya.Meiya has established long-term stable cooperative relations with more than 2000 medium and large-scale enterprises at home and abroad, including Huawei, ZTE, Midea, SNDA, SOA, China Merchants Bank, ChangHong, Biostime. With advanced management concept and professional service image, Meiya has fostered favorable reputations inside and outside the circle, with its market share being ranked a leading place in South China and even the whole country. Moreover, Meiya has been committing itself to the establishment of a nationwide network platform and regarding the leading of a new standard for business travel service brands as its own duty, so as to establish itself as an international first-rate business travel group which is trusted by customers and respected by fellow traders.

广州美亚电子商务国际旅行社有限公司(以下简称“美亚商旅”),是一家集航空代理、商旅管理、国际自由行、会展等为一体的多元化集团企业。公司总部设在广州,在北京、上海、深圳、成都、武汉、长沙、东莞、青岛、重庆、西安等地设有分、子公司。美亚商旅自加入IATA国际航协组织以来,连续多年荣获阿联酋航空、国泰航空、法国航空、美国联合航空、新加坡航空、中国南方航空、中国国际航空等多家国内外知名航空公司“最佳代理人”称号;是新航假期、泰国皇家风兰假期华南地区总代理,乐雅民丹高尔夫俱乐部华南总代理、Club Med金牌代理、SIX SENCES第六感觉度假村最佳合作伙伴、百乐酒店集团最佳合作伙伴,荣获广东省诚信示范企业、广州市著名商标、ISO9001质量体系认证、广州市民营科技企业、慈善突出贡献奖等多项社会荣誉。 美亚商旅拥有一支高素质、高度专业化,五星服务理念的精英团队,一直以来我们奉行“以人为本”的人才发展战略,吸引来自全国各重点院校及行业精英人才加盟,其中中国民航大学、南京航天航空大学、广州民航学院是我们的重要人才来源地。 美亚商旅与全国2000余家大中型企业客户和同行业客户建立长期稳定的合作关系,其中包括:华为、中兴、美的、盛大网络、国家海洋局、招商银行、长虹电器、法国合生元等一大批海外内知名企业。美亚商旅以其先进的管理理念和专业的服务,在行业内外树立了良好的口碑和品牌形象,公司市场占有率一直稳居华南地区乃至全国前列。公司一直以来致力于建立全国范围内的营销网络,以引领商旅服务品牌新标准为已任,努力将公司打造成客户信赖、行业尊重的国际一流商旅服务集团。



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