Glacier Park Tirol

Glacier Park Tirol

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Glacier Park Tirol

The Glacier Park Tirol is a unique environment of untouched countryside and man-made landscape far beyond any mass tourism destination. The Gletscherstraße and the mountain cable railways in the regions of Kaunertal, Pitztal and Imst-Gurgltal take you to different alpine levels ranging from 900 m to 3.440 m above sea level.

Pitztal Glacier is Tyrol's highest glacier! The resort begins at 1.740 m and least to 3.440 m. You could reach the highest place with the “Wildspitzbahn” cable car. In the top station of the “Wildspitzbahn” cable car the highest café in austria is located – the Café 3.440

The Café 3.440 is surrounded by more than fifty peaks with an altitude of three-thousand meters or more. You also can see Tyrol’s highest mountain – the 3,774 m high Wildspitze. Enjoy the alpine panorama with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake from our own pastry shop.

In the Kaunertal valley the Kaunertal glacier road runs from the village of Feichten at 1.273 m above sea level up the brink of the “perennial ice” at a level of 2.750 m. It covers at total of 25 hairpin bends and an altitude difference of almost 1.500 m on a stretch of 26 km. Directly next to the road, clearly marked, there are some special attractions.

At the end of the road, the Karlesjoch cable railway takes you up to 3.108 m. Over there will be a lookout point “Drei-Länder-Blick” (3-country view) where you have a wonderful view on snow-covered peaks in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. You also have the possibility to stand at the lookout point with one foot in Austria and the other in Italy.

蒂罗尔冰川公园蒂罗尔冰川公园是一个独特未受影响的乡村和人造景观的环境,远远超出任何大众旅游目的地环境。GletscherstraßE和在考恩河谷,皮茨谷和Imst Gurgltal的这一地区山区缆索铁路带你到不同的高山的水平范围,从900米到3.440米的海拔。皮茨冰川是蒂罗尔州最高的冰川!度假胜地从1740米开始到3440米。您能通过“Wildspitzbahn”缆车到达最高的地方。在“Wildspitzbahn”缆车最顶点的站台,奥地利最高的咖啡馆CAFé3.440位于此。CAFé3.440周围有五十多座山峰,海拔在三千米以上。您也可以看到蒂罗尔州最高的山峰–高3774米的Wildspitze。品一杯咖啡和来自我们自己的糕点店一块蛋糕,尽享高山美景。在考恩河谷山谷,考恩河谷冰川从海拔1273米的Feichten村庄一直延伸至海拔2750米的“万年冰”的边缘。冰川全场26公里,共25个险弯,海拔高度差近1500米。在冰川小径旁,有清楚地标明一些特殊的景点。在路的尽头,Karlesjoch缆索铁路带您达到达3108 米高处。在那里有一个瞭望点“Drei-Länder-Blick”(能一览三国景色),您能欣赏到奥地利、意大利和瑞士冰雪覆盖的山峦美景。站在瞭望点,您也可能一只脚踏在奥地利,另一只在意大利。


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