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Gosheni Safaris Africa is a full-fledged tour company that started in 2009, providing tours within East Africa, particularly serving Tanzania safari. Since its inception, this locally-owned operator has catered to over a thousand clients from Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania.

Gosheni Safaris is slowly gaining its reputation for arranging and successfully delivering major tours and events such as Honeymoon safaris, Weddings, Mount Kilimanjaro tours, and Zanzibar beach holiday. Gosheni is especially gaining its stance for making well-crafted itineraries to see the world’s famous Great Migration Safari in Serengeti.

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- Customer service is the forefront of our business
We don’t just try to push for the most profitable safari tour for our own advantage. We work with our customers in ensuring that they understand the itinerary they have chosen.

- We have a good knowledge of our clients
We continuously invest in research and training to keep our ways updated with the modern times and meet the expectations of our guests who may be used to a different way of life.

- Our professional guides are well-trained and have a good command of the English language
Through our well-trained guides, clients are expected to be educated about African wildlife as well as acquire first-hand experience of African hospitality.

All our African safaris can depart daily with a minimum of 1 guest accompanied by our professional driver/ tour guide. Whereas, maximum capacity for each safari van is 7 participants.

We have our own fleet of vehicles; a mix of 4 and 7 seater custom safari vehicles with pop-up roof, most ideal for game viewing and sightseeing.

We have partnerships with an extensive network of hotel and lodging operators from budget to luxury accommodation.

GosheniSafaris Africa是一个成熟的旅游公司,该公司成立于2009年,在东非洲提供旅游服务,特别是坦桑尼亚野生动物园。自成立以来,本地自营的运营商为来自欧洲、亚洲、北美洲的上千名游客服务过。。Gosheni Safaris慢慢获得其声誉,安排并成功举行大型旅游项目和活动,如蜜月旅行、婚礼、乞力马扎罗国家公园旅游、桑给巴尔海滩的节日。Gosheni精心设计塞伦盖蒂看到世界上著名的大迁徙游猎的行程,尤其备受欢迎。服务:坦桑尼亚旅行肯尼亚旅行乌干达大猩猩卢旺达大猩猩塞伦盖蒂迁徙之旅乞力马扎罗国家公园攀岩家庭之旅蜜月旅行徒步旅行文化之旅桑给巴尔假日海滩 选择我们的原因 -客户服务是我们最重要的业务我们不只是为了赚钱而主推我们最赚钱的旅行项目。我们与客户合作,以确保他们了解他们选择的行程。我们对客户有很好的了解我们不断投资于研究和培训,以保持我们的方式与现代接轨,满足可能会习惯不同的生活方式的客人期望。我们的专业导游训练有素,精通英语。通过我们训练有素的导游,客户将接受非洲野生动植物的课程,并获得非洲礼仪的第一手经验。出发我们的非洲之旅每日有我们的专业司机/导游陪同至少1名客人出行。每个旅行车最大容量为7人。交通工具我们有自己的车队;4座和7座的旅行车辆,配备弹出式车顶,最适合观看游戏和观光住宿我们与一系列的酒店和住宿运营商有合作关系,从廉价的到豪华住宿都有。


Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC), Serengeti Wing, 2nd Floor, Room No. 233-235
7337 Arusha
Tanzania, United Republic of

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