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Julia Travel, is a Spanish company dedicated to incoming tourism in Spain and deals both with the tourism industry and directly with tourists. It belongs to GRUPO JULIÀ, a group formed by Autocares Julià (coach transport company), Juliàtours (services for the tourism industry), Central de Viajes (travel agents), Madrid City Tour (Madrid tourist bus), Barcelona City Tour (Barcelona touristic bus), Toledo City Tour ( Toledo tourist bus) and Turibus (Mexico tourist bus). GRUPO JULIÀ has offices in various Spanish cities and also in Andorra, Argentina, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

We have more than 84 years experience in tourism and passenger transport and our professionals are continuously incorporating new good-value, high-quality services into our range of products, providing new experiences in tourism, culture, gastronomy and leisure.

Julia Travel是一家西班牙公司,致力于西班牙的旅游业务,既涉及旅游业,也直接与游客打交道。它属于GRUPOJULIÀ,由AutocaresJulià(长途汽车运输公司),Juliàtours(旅游业服务),Central de Viajes(旅行社),马德里城市旅游(马德里旅游巴士),巴塞罗那城市旅游(巴塞罗那旅游)组成的团体巴士),托莱多市旅游(托莱多旅游巴士)和Turibus(墨西哥旅游巴士)。 GRUPOJULIÀ在西班牙的各个城市以及安道尔,阿根廷,墨西哥和波多黎各都设有办事处。



Pablo Iglesias 84, L'Hospitalet 08908 (Barcelona), Spain
8908 Barcelona

Product Groups

  • Incoming Agencies
  • Town Sightseeing Tours/ Walks
  • Customized Tour