Booth No. B085, an incoming tour operator for Central America, USTOA Member, offers multiple country programs for leisure and incentive groups combining Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá. We arrange all details including transportation, hotels, meals, experienced guides and activities. Based in El Salvador, our logo represents the colors of the region: green of our tropical forests, blue of our oceans and lakes, and the red of our traditions/culture such as our coffee heritage and Maya ancestry. Our sister brands include Learn and Travel for educational student groups and Share and Travel for volunteer programs. Social responsibility is key to our company: we operate our own nonprofit organization that supports rural communities in areas with tourism potential.

Greenbluered.com是中美洲新進旅遊運營商USTOA的會員,提供包括瓜地馬拉,洪都拉斯,薩爾瓦多,尼加拉瓜,哥斯大黎加和巴拿馬等國家的多種休閒及優惠的方案。我們也安排所有的細節,包括交通,酒店,餐飲,擁有經驗豐富的導遊和活動。總部設在薩爾瓦多,我們的標誌代表了該地區的顏色:綠色代表我們的熱帶森林,藍色代表我們的海洋和湖泊,紅色代表我們的傳統及文化,猶如我們的咖啡文化與瑪雅文化。我們的姐妹品牌包括教育學生團體的學習和旅遊以及志願者計畫的分享和旅遊。社會責任是我們公司的關鍵: 就是我們經營自己的非營利組織,來支持著具有旅遊潛力的農村地區。


Avenida Los Bambues, Calle Amsterdam #497, Colonia Miralvalle
503 San Salvador
El Salvador

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