Guangzhou Ganchun Tea Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Ganchun Tea Co.,Ltd

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The company was founded On October 29, 2012.
The company's business include production, marketing and scientific research.In the field of electronic commerce,created the company brands of "JiNiMingXiang" and " LADYEAST".
The company has long-term cooperation partners,they include "jingdong mall(JD.COM)"、“Amazon”、 Industrial and commercial bank of electric business platform and the airport supermarket (HOWONDERFUL and YEASUN shop).
The founder is Eva.Hong.
She advocate that health tea drinks and hope more young people like drinking tea.Meanwhile hope all people inheriting the tea culture.From this moment,let's take tea as a part of our lives.

广州甘淳茶业有限公司,始创于2012年10月29日。公司主要业务包括生产、销售和 科研。在电子商务领域中,开创了“吉妮茗香”和“慢夫人”的公司品牌。公司有 着长期合作伙伴,包括:“京东商城(JD.COM)”、“亚马逊( )"、 工商银行电商平台和机场超市(好旺集团、逸臣商贸)。创始人是洪香妮女士。她 倡导健康茶饮品并希望更多年轻人喜欢喝茶。与此同时,也希望所有人都能传承茶 文化。从这一刻起,让我们开始与茶为伴。


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