Guiddoo World Travels Pte. Ltd.

Guiddoo World Travels Pte. Ltd.

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Guiddoo World is a leading platform for In-Destination Services for the Indian Outbound traveler and offers Tours and Activities, Dining, Entertainment and Shopping alternatives as addons to traditional packages or as stand alone products to Individual travellers. With over 4000+ Travel agents, 5000+ excursions and 11 destinations on the Guiddoo platform, Guiddoo is the leader in its segments.

Guiddoo World是印度出境旅行者的目的地服务的领先平台,并提供旅游和活动,餐饮,娱乐和购物替代品作为传统包装的插件或作为独立产品给个人旅行者。 Guiddoo拥有超过4000多名旅行社,5000多次游览和Guiddoo平台上的11个目的地,是其细分市场的领导者。


28 East Yuyuan Road Soho Building 3 Ground Floor Herocentre Jingan

Product Groups

  • Tourism Boards
  • Hotel representatives
  • Customized Tour
  • Destination Management Companies
  • Reservation and Booking Technologies