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Our history In 1924, Mr. Gerhard Langenhof I founded LAVO, a car rental company. During World War II, Mr. Langenhof’s company was taken over by the Germans that invaded the Netherlands and it was transformed into a German military chariot company. During the time, the Germans invested a large number of fund and resources in LAVO and LAVO developed rapidly under the control of the Germans due to the needs of war. After World War II ended, the defeated Germans returned the company to the Langenhof family and the company was renamed Hengelo Car Rental Company. Until 1972, Johann Langenhof, the son of Gerhard I, took over the company and officially changed its name to Havi Travel, which is still in use today. Mr. Johann is a leader who is bold to reform. He not only bought a large number of new buses, but also actively explored the tourism market. Under his reform, Havi Travel started the business of European local guiding services targeted at the Americans. In the 1980s, when the fashion of traveling Europe swept the U.S., Havi Travel also welcomed its development spring. In 2005, Gerhard Langenhof II officially became the CEO. He inherits his father’s innovative spirit and courage to open up new trails and is far-sighted to make the right decision of introducing Havi Travel to go global and embracing Chinese tourists. Today, Havi Travel has been a well-established and strong local service company in the tourism market of China, mastering a market share that cannot be replaced. By 2015, Havi Travel has been serving Chinese tourists for 20 years, during which our buses have taken Chinese tourists around Europe, we have received thousands of Chinese tour groups, we have won the praise of the industry with our hard work and the spirit of putting services in the first place. Going global Havi Travel has taken on a steady path to go global. Now in addition to the well-known headquarters in Rijssen, Netherlands, Havi Travel has three subsidiaries in mainland China, Poland, and Romania. The China subsidiary has set up the Beijing office, the Hong Kong office and the Shanghai office. Today, Havi Travel is already a large international travel agency that owns hundreds of buses and offers a series of travel services ranging from bus rental, hotel reservation to itinerary planning for tourists from the Netherlands, India, China, the United States, Ireland, Britain and other countries. Strength Havi Travel is not only the preferred partner of many large Chinese tourism companies in Europe, but also one of the few bus dealers in the Netherlands. It is also the exclusive transport sponsor and partner of FC Twente, an experienced and strong football powerhouse in Europe. The red buses are welcomed by fans along the road when they are running, showing the prominent strength of the travel agency. Choose Havi Travel and enjoy a beautiful journey.

我们的历史1924年,Gerhard Langenhof 一世 先生创建了LAVO 租车公司。在二战期间,Langenhof先生的公司被侵略荷兰的德军接收,将其变成了德军的军事战车公司,在此期间德军对LAVO公司投入大量资金和资源,因战事需要,LAVO公司在德军的接管下得以迅速发展。二战结束后战败德军将公司归还给了Langenhof 家族,公司改名为亨格罗租车公司。 直至1972年Gerhard一世的儿子Johann Langenhof 接手公司,正式更名为Havi Travel(百陆)沿用至今。Johann 先生是一位敢于大刀阔斧改革的领导人,他不仅大量购买新型大巴,还积极开拓旅游市场,百陆因此做起了为美国人提供欧洲地接服务的生意。在80年代美国欧洲旅游热之季,公司迎来了发展的春天。 2005年Gerhard Langenhof二世正式成为公司CEO,他继承了父亲永裕创新勇于开拓的精神,高瞻远瞩,做出了让百陆走向国际化,走入中国游客的正确决定。时至今日百陆已经是中国旅游市场上老牌且兼具实力的地接公司,市场份额无人可以取代。截至2015年,百陆已经为中国游客服务整20年,20年里我们的巴士带着中国游客走遍了欧洲,20年里我们接待了数以千计的中国旅行团,20年里我们一直兢兢业业,我们一直秉持服务第一的精神赢得了业界一致的好评。走向国际化百陆的国际化之旅是一直稳扎稳打的,如今除了众所周知百陆总部位于荷兰Rijssen, 百陆还有3个子公司,百陆中国 、百陆波兰、百陆罗马尼亚。 百陆中国更是相继设置了北京办事处,香港办事处以及上海办事处。如今百陆已是拥有百辆旅游巴士,提供巴士租借,酒店预定,行程安排等一系列旅游服务的大型国际化旅游公司。服务来自荷兰本地,印度,中国,美国,爱尔兰,英国等及其他多国的游客。实力展示荷兰百陆公司不止是中国众多大型旅游公司在欧洲的首选合作伙伴,更是荷兰本地屈指可数的大型车行。荷兰百陆还是欧洲老牌足球劲旅FC屯特的唯一交通赞助商、合作商。红色的大巴驰骋在路上,被众多球迷夹道欢迎,这已然是百陆最有力的实力展现。选择百陆,选择美好旅途。



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