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HQ plus GmbH

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Since 2012 HQ plus delivers next generation revenue management technology allowing hoteliers to quickly make pricing decisions. Our customers are supplied with high-quality data of OTAs, their competitors' room rates and occupancies as well as events, holidays, weather and reviews ensuring highly effective marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

从2012年起,HQ plus 已为酒店业主的快速定价提供新一代的收入管理技术。我们为客户提供高质量的在线数据,包括在线旅行社之间的不同比价,酒店入住率, 相关活动,假日,天气以及酒店评论等等。此技术为您高效的市场管理,销售以及定价策略提供高质量的保障。


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