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Hunan Mengtu Travel Technology Co., Ltd

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Hunan Mengtu Travel Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2014 with CNY 2 million registered capital and mainly focuses on integrating the resources of global high-end hotels. Meanwhile Mengtu is also an internet company with professional inhouse IT team and with the advantage of professional operating. After three years’ high-speed developing, Mengtu has become the largest B2B company in China covered with over 500,000 hotels around the world including 6000 hotels which have direct contract. Besides Mengtu has also built cooperation with hundreds of OTA, wholesalers, room contractors and local travel agencies, to offer better service for our customers especially trade companies, groups and travel agencies, Mengtu has independently developed the reservation system and a booking website ( Through the system, you can easily and efficiently make reservation of high-end hotels and get access to all kinds of travel products around the world.Hunan Mengtu Travel Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with 9 departments and over 110 employees. Meanwhile, Mengtu also has independent R&D group andkeeps moving forward. Mengtu devotes to become the biggest hotel reservation platform. Mengtu has opened the information communication channel between management and employees,and spares no efforts on improving staff’s personality and creativity. We also devote to create the independent Internet culture and provide cozy working environment for ou staff and offers a fair and elastic promotion system and helps our staff grow up together with our company. As an internet company, Mengtu has a rigorous staff training system and has set up our performance-oriented evaluated system. Together with our high-performance and devoted team, Mengtu is convinced to have a new and bright future.

湖南萌兔旅游科技有限公司于2014年成立,注册资本200万元,专注于全球高端酒店资源整合,是一家基于IT技术优势和运营优势的互联网旅游公司。经过三年的发展,已经成为目前行业内规模最大的B2B资源整合公司,萌兔国际拥有全球50万高端酒店资源,其中萌兔全球直采酒店接近6000家,并拥有全球数百家OTA、批发商、包房商和地接社的酒店资源。萌兔拥有自主研发的独立预订系统与独立网站,为同业客户,集团客户和各大旅行社,旅游综合门户网站提供简单便捷高效的全球高端酒店预订以及旅游相关产品服务。 公司下设九大部门,拥有员工110人,具有独立研发的技术能力。致力于打造中国最大的酒店批发预订平台。萌兔建立所有员工与最高管理层的信息沟通渠道,坚持以尊重员工个性为本,开创和建立独特的互联网企业文化,为员工创造良好的工作氛围;通过独立自由的团队式管理,为员工提供公平,平等,有弹性的成长晋升空间,致力于达到个人成长与企业成长的和谐统一。萌兔创立符合互联网时代的员工培训体系,通过不同部门的综合培训不断提高员工的素质和行业适应能力;通过富有市场竞争能力的薪资体系和福利待遇,以市场业绩为导向的绩效考核体系,形成员工和公司共赢的理念。 在公司高速发展的良好形势下和业务国内海外各个市场迅速扩张的战略目标指引下,湖南萌兔将打造一支高素质有个性,结构合理,充满活力,勇于创新的精英团队。公司将与员工一起开疆拓土,风雨同舟,共创美好未来。


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